MXT Global

"With Salesforce we can log in and get instant insight into what’s happening across our business, including activity across our website and trading platforms."

Natalie German,
Marketing and Media Manager, MXT Global

Data driven lead management delights sales reps and gets results for MXT Global

Australian based financial services provider MXT Global delivers mobile and web platforms for trading foreign exchange (Forex) and commodities. Playing in a saturated market, it differentiates itself with competitive pricing and innovative technology – including the world’s most popular trading platform. MXT Global also drives a more personalised experience for traders, through a mix of platforms, accounts and trading options to meet the different needs of its customers. To deliver and stay competitive, the company needs deep insights into its customers’ preferences and behaviours. That’s why it turned to Salesforce.

In its early days, MXT Global managed information and reports manually. It wasn’t sustainable. Natalie German, Marketing and Media Manager for MXT Global, says, “Many of our competitors were already using Salesforce. We knew the insights it could deliver. We also saw this whole ecosystem of apps being developed for App Cloud and wanted to tap into that.”

MXT Global now uses Sales Cloud - the benefits to date have been immense. Natalie explains, “We integrated Sales Cloud with our trading platforms, which gives us incredible insights into our customers and their trading activities. Account managers can see which traders are active or inactive and when and how trades are made. It answers the ‘why’ behind customer behaviours and makes it really easy for our account managers to service them.”

MXT Global’s customised Sales Cloud is rich with automated workflows and reports channeling leads to sales reps, driving performance through the roof. Natalie says, “It was time to step up a level, with an integrated Sales and Marketing platform.” Salesforce Pardot was an obvious choice. Pardot would also deliver significant cost efficiencies and help MXT Global maintain its own competitive pricing.

Rolling out Pardot was fast and simple. Natalie says, “The support for Pardot is fantastic. The Knowledge Base is vast and the instructions easy to follow. Anyone with basic project management skills can implement it themselves.”

Just three months post roll out, Sales and Marketing are very happy with the results. Pardot makes it really easy for them to create targeted campaigns, like the drip campaign that automatically goes to those who sign up for a trial online.

Leads flow directly from the website to sales reps, who can open the Pardot LeadDeck or a record in Sales Cloud and get real-time updates on their status. They can see if they’ve opened a campaign email, visited the website or made a trade. Natalie explains, “Our sales reps can access everything they need to know about an opportunity instantly. This wasn’t possible before Pardot.”

Sales reps are more productive using Pardot for lead grading and scoring. Previously, reps stayed informed on leads via endless email alerts. There was no data to help them decide which were urgent or likely to translate to opportunities. Now, they open up the Pardot LeadDeck, view their list of leads and prioritise them based on lead score. It’s a smarter, more efficient way to do business. Lead volumes are up nearly 45 percent as a result.

Natalie says, “With Salesforce we can log in and get instant insight into what’s happening across our business, including activity across our website and trading platforms.”



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