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"We built social collaboration into our business process and improved productivity and visibility."


Nikon Instruments’ sales team focuses on customers

A change in go-to-market strategy is a massive undertaking for any company. The key to cohesion for Nikon Instruments Inc., a leading microscope and lens manufacturer, was the adoption of social technologies. As a socially connected business, Nikon communicates more effectively with its sales staff, resulting in better quality service for the company’s customer base.

Nikon Instruments initially chose Salesforce for customer relationship management (CRM) to support its sales team. The company later added an employee social network, powered by Chatter, to more effectively communicate within the organization. When email was used for customer-related communications, there was no way to access information after the fact. Now everything is in one place and is easily accessible over time.

Social has also helped Nikon improve its customer focus. A variety of geographically dispersed groups within Nikon Instruments actively use Chatter—including product and project management, sales, support, and operations—to keep up-to-date on competitive information and potential customers.

By adding a social element to everything the company does, Nikon Instruments is speeding processes and improving business visibility. From initial contact to final delivery—all of the company's processes have a social component to them now. Information travels more quickly and with full visibility. The result is better and more efficient customer support.

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