"Salesforce helps us be more responsive to customers and increase overall satisfaction."

—Ed Romson
Senior Director, Global Customer Care

Plantronics improves communication and service with Salesforce

Even a company that specialises in helping people communicate has to revamp its own communications from time to time. Plantronics is best known for its headsets and speakerphones that help businesses and consumers connect and stay in touch. It’s no surprise, then, that building strong connections with customers is a priority for the company. “We recently rolled out Service Cloud to our global agents,” says Ed Romson, Senior Director, Global Customer Care. “It’s improved collaboration so everyone stays aligned and can be more effective at helping customers.”

In the past Plantronics used Sales Cloud to manage leads and partner relationships, and a hybrid solution (made up of Salesforce’s console and another vendor’s application) for service. Having multiple systems hampered visibility into customer activity and made it difficult for the company to take full advantage of the latest innovations and technologies. To streamline operations and gain 360 degree customer views, the company moved its support teams—including 80 agents working in 14 languages—onto Service Cloud.

“With Service Cloud, we’ve increased visibility and agent effectiveness,” explains Romson. “The time to solve critical incidents has been reduced by 66 percent, while overall agent labor costs have also declined.” With data and transactions on one application, Plantronics can more consistently apply service standards across channels and geographies, and effectively manage inquiries via phone, email, and interactive chat in one console. Salesforce is so easy to use that the time to onboard new agents has been reduced by half.”

Plantronics has also introduced a Service Cloud customer portal that lets customers access articles and knowledge information for self-service. Salesforce Live Agent Web chat is fully integrated with so customers can reach support agents in real time from the portal. “We need to be able to connect with customers, whenever and wherever they choose,” says Romson. The portal has also helped significantly reduce overall agent labor costs.

Greater efficiency through custom apps

Salesforce also helps Plantronics reach new levels of efficiency in its business. A custom order management app—built with Salesforce Platform—streamlines tracking a fulfillment of spare parts requests. Another app guides agents through product symptoms and solutions, helping them access the company knowledge base to resolve issues quickly.

“With Salesforce we have a more complete view of customer interactions that will impact all areas of our business, not just the contact center,” concludes Romson. “It’s a smarter way to do business.”

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