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"We’ve engineered efficiency into every process using Salesforce - revenues have risen 44% in just six months"

-Richard Kew
Director, Platinum Direct Finance

Platinum Direct Finance drives customer intimacy through technology innovation

According to Platinum Direct Finance, technology is the key to success and customer satisfaction; “You pass on the efficiencies you create within your business to customers,” explains Richard Kew, Director.

Platinum Direct Finance is founded on delivering the best possible customer experience when purchasing and financing a new car, boat, or property. “They should walk away feeling that not only did we tick all of their boxes, but did it quickly and effortlessly,” he says.

Core values of quality and speed were key drivers for a sales management system. With a failed home-build under their belt – far too admin intensive according to Director Oliver Berger – Platinum turned its attention to finding a system that had synergy with their business. was the answer.

Salesforce is the foundation for an innovative sales performance program for supercharging sales. Leads, now channeled into the Sales Cloud, travel seamlessly in workflow through the stages of the sales cycle, resulting in a hassle free experience for the customer.

Crowd sourcing of staff generates additional efficiencies - Berger elaborates; “A lead or opportunity that isn’t followed up in a timely manner triggers a notification making it available for anybody to take over. Processes like this help to create a culture of healthy competition, allowing our people to self- regulate their performance and engineer their own success”

The largely sub-thirty-employee-base, well used to socializing in Facebook, have taken to Salesforce’s social media application style interface with enthusiasm. “We have been able to hit the ground running and avoid the usual nightmare scenario of training people slowly over several months while the data stagnates,” says Kew.

Mobile access to Salesforce is among the most popular features, helping the business to act on referrals in the moment and move at social speed.

Performance dashboards feed critical analytics on buying patterns, dealership performance, regional sales, and individual performance back to the business, to keep it on track.

Flagging renewals in Salesforce helps Platinum Direct Finance to market smart to its existing customer base, delivering new recommendations based on the status of the customer’s current contract and existing asset.

“We run processes against multiple variables that identify numerous opportunities for the customer based on their current finance arrangement. These automatically trigger tasks, for example eDMs tailored to the customer’s particular situation,” explains Berger.

Platinum also captures lead sources in Salesforce, many of which come in through the company website, using insights to tailor marketing budget allocation.

“We’re making it as exact a science as possible,” says Berger. “We track leads from the webpage where they entered the system, back to the ad the prospect clicked on to get there, the keyword in Google that triggered the lead, all the way through the lifecycle to deal settlement.”

He added: “We've reduced our per-weblead spend by 30% in 4 months.”

Six months on from going live, Platinum’s cloud strategy is paying dividends. Revenue is up by 44% based on a series of process efficiencies including targeted marketing and the ability to close deals faster and deliver a complete solution to the customer in record time.

Even so, Kew maintains that the biggest win is staff moral; “Our people have embraced Salesforce wholeheartedly – it genuinely makes their jobs easier.”

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