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"Salesforce brings us together. As cliché as that sounds, it’s so important for sales and marketing, and it’s made a massive difference to our culture and growth."

Sara Gonzalez,
Marketing Manager

Salesforce brings marketing reality to virtual conferencing provider

Markets are competitive, especially online, where fast-moving giants dominate certain categories. So what were the founders of Sydney-based conferencing services provider Redback Conferencing (Redback) thinking when they launched their telephone and web conferencing business in the face of competitors like Microsoft, GoTo Meeting, and WebEx? A fair question, with a simple answer: exceptional service.

Whereas certain cloud service providers obsess about technology features to the detriment of service, Redback wrapped smart technology with exceptional service. It’s worked a treat, driving year-on-year growth that has transformed the fledgling three-person operation into a market-leading business with 35 employees.

Redback is a quintessential cloud services company – all the real action is online. Redback sales people demonstrate services online and, when the deal is done, customers sign in to use Redback’s telephone web and video conferencing services. At the front end, a slick marketing operation based on Salesforce Pardot manages online lead generation and tracking.

However, behind the scenes things were tricky. A successful lead generation webinar program and a legacy CRM system meant that details of prospective customers had to be managed elsewhere, which gave rise to marketing’s worst nightmare – spread sheets. “We had to upload information captured by Pardot into our CRM system. But the disconnection meant that prospects were getting called six times by six different sales reps. It was a bad look for a young company,” she said.

Redback knew the simple solution to their problems and got down to work with Salesforce Sales Cloud. Native integration fused Pardot and created the “single page” Gonzalez and her team required.

“We work in the cloud and like that model. So Salesforce made complete sense. The more self-sufficient our sales and marketing operation is the better. We also wanted to keep IT out of the equation and let them focus on developing and enhancing our core products,” she said.

Two systems are now one. Leads captured in Pardot are funnelled directly to Salesforce. Sales appointments made by Redback’s outbound sales team are fed in, too. Everyone can see how marketing is working, and intelligence in Pardot kindles follow-up tasks for Redback salespeople.

“Our salespeople can see what’s happening without having to do anything – intelligence comes to them,” said Gonzalez. “It’s very powerful, because when everyone can see what’s happening there’s more accountability – and no more ‘I’m not getting enough leads,’ or, from marketing, ‘sales aren’t closing the leads. I can sit down with the sales manager and review reports that show everything.”

Redback is implementing to extend customer information and tasks to its delivery team, who follow the same workflow and notifications to activate services. It beats the hell out of frenzied email activity, because nothing slips through the cracks or gets lost in translation. Opportunities logged in Sales Cloud show the delivery team which service they need to setup, exactly when.

Redback employees were quick on the uptake, too – they jumped on board. It doesn’t always happen when workplaces ask people to do things differently, but Gonzalez said everyone understood the power of working from a single page. There were other nice surprises, too, like the speed of opening and closing Salesforce windows. “Salesforce brings us together. As cliché as that sounds, it’s so important for sales and marketing, and it’s made a massive difference to our culture and growth,” she said.



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