"Our business is all about analytics and empowering customers to make data driven decisions. allows us to do the same."

Peter O’Hanlon,
Chief Marketing and Analytics Officer Revelian

Revelian reshapes the world of human resources management, with in its armoury of cloud systems for the digital age

Revelian, Australia’s most trusted provider of psychometric testing is in the middle of a transformation, brought on by today’s digital, hyper-connected age. Revelian is introducing new analytics-based products to help organisations make smart decisions about their biggest investment: their people.

Speaking about the change in direction after 15 years as an established company, Dr Peter O’Hanlon, Chief Marketing and Analytics Officer, says, “Onetest had a strong reputation for psychometric testing. Suddenly the scope of what’s possible has been thrown wide open by the digital age. Game based assessments are scalable because of access to cloud systems for example. Where people once completed paper assessments, today they plug into the cloud and play games, with data flowing directly from those games into our systems to give us real-time indicators about their work personality, capability and state of mind – it’s mind blowing.”

A seismic shift of this type and the subsequent expansion of the company’s product suite called for a new name, so the company rebranded as Revelian. The new name evokes the word reveal – because that’s what their products do, offering deep insight into organisations’ human resources so that they can be nurtured and optimised.

When looking for a technology partner for this transformation, Revelian naturally gravitated towards the leader in cloud CRM, “Our business is all about analytics and empowering customers to make data driven decisions. allows us to do the same.”

Sales Cloud, built on Salesforce Platform, has replaced an aging CRM with a single, integrated view of customers, giving Revelian powerful insights to engage with customers and grow the business. Sales and Client Services can now track interactions across all Revelian’s sales channels – including its online offering and partner network. Marketing is able to measure campaign lead acquisition and ROI. Teams share and discuss data on’s private enterprise social networking tool Chatter, which has improved the flow of communication cross functionally.

The results? Sales and Marketing can be infinitely more targeted in their initiatives – because they are driven by real-time data. Service is more responsive. Revelian’s forecasting accuracy enabled by Sales Cloud gives management the confidence to invest aggressively in its chosen future direction: people analytics. Gamification is just one area where Revelian has raised the bar – collecting and analysing every detail about the way people play a simple game goes to assessing their suitability for a role.

“We’re not interested in monitoring employees email content but rather details like frequency and speed of response – these factors can reveal a lot about a person’s level of engagement with their role,” says Peter. “For example, our analytics can show who is under too much pressure, giving leaders information to take action and prevent costly attrition.”

He added, “We have huge ambitions for growth and we are going to get there off the back of the systems and technologies that are geared to help us grow. With Salesforce, we have a platform that will grow with us and give us the data we need to move quickly.”



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