Shoes of Prey

" helps us put our best foot forward with customers'"

-Dione David,
Customer Happiness Manager

Shoes of Prey stepping on traditional business by offering a better customer experience

For centuries, most people have purchased mass-produced shoes, but a new company is disrupting the industry by offering a better customer experience with more choice, easy availability, and personalized service. Sydney-based Shoes of Prey is a global retail brand that hand makes shoes that customers design for themselves on the company’s website. “Offering service that’s as personalized as our one-of-a-kind footwear is critical for us,” says Dione David, Customer Happiness Manager. “ is a perfect fit for our business.”

Shoes of Prey founders initially used email to manage operations and support but the company quickly needed a more advanced system. They switched to so they could offer fast service while maintaining a personal touch, and get the reporting and visibility that they needed to grow the business.

Today helps Shoes of Prey support customers via chat, email, phone, and social media, as well as in their new brick and mortar stores. Integration with their customer order system gives everyone immediate visibility to historical order and payment information so they can provide personalized service. Everyone in the company from the management team to retail associates to engineering use Flex agent licenses so they can quickly take a pulse of the business and pitch in to help customers during busy times.

With Business Insights, Shoes of Prey can spot any wrinkles in their ordering or shipping processes and find ways to optimize processes to scale with their business. And integration and a homegrown survey tool measure CSAT and log tickets so negative feedback can be proactively addressed.

With, Shoes of Prey provides fast, personalized help to solve 1,000 new cases each week. The team responds to first inquiries within ten hours and typically resolves cases in six minutes or less. “Our business has grown 500 percent in the three years since we started using,” says David. “It’s helping us maintain a personal touch as we step into the future.”

Shoes of Prey
Shoes of Prey


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