"With Salesforce we shortened our sales cycle from months to days."

—Jeri Erling
Senior Director, Specialty Leasing

Westfield increases sales with a mobile app built on Salesforce Platform

Westfield’s business is all about selling. The company, which owns and operates 100+ shopping centers worldwide, is expert in helping retailers build thriving businesses. Westfield’s own business is also flourishing because of a custom lease management app built on Salesforce Platform that lets the company do more to help its customers meet their goals.

Westfield’s specialty leasing group—which sells retail carts, kiosks, temporary stores, sponsorships, and brand activations, as well as trade shows and other special events—wanted to improve the way its sales reps find and showcase inventory to customers so they could close more deals, faster. “The tools we had been using were archaic,” explains Jeri Erling, Senior Director, Specialty Leasing. “We wanted a rich, interactive way to show inventory to customers, with data that’s always up to date.”

Since Westfield’s sales team is constantly on the road, the app lets them easily showcase inventory from their iPads. Reps can easily locate malls that suit a retailer’s ideal geography and demographics and find out what’s available during a specific timeframe. They can also see maps of each floor within a mall, so they can find the best location for each customer, and find detailed information on nearby retailers. The app shows space availability and lets reps quickly generate costs and proposals.

Westfield’s app also includes Salesforce Chatter, so reps can share best practices and collaborate to close deals quickly. They can also contact local personnel to get fast answers to questions about specific mall locations—like where’s the closest power supply, water hook up, or elevator.

“In the past our reps would pull information from multiple systems and give customers mall maps with handwritten notes of proposed kiosk locations,” explains Erling. “Now they can show computer-generated maps with real photographs, and automatically generate contracts. It’s reduced our sales cycle from months to days.”

More ways to help customers

Although the app was initially designed to let Westfield reps sell from their iPads, it’s also available to prospective customers. They can log in via the web to view a proposal, take another look at a retail map, or see video tours of individual malls at their leisure. This reduces the number of follow up questions and shortens their approval times.

“With Salesforce we have new levels of cross-selling and communication. It’s really transformed our business.”

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