"Leveraging Salesforce1 has improved sales channel visibility of pipeline by product line and geography."

—Don Lamping
Associate Director Sales Operations, Zimmer

Zimmer gets back to basics with Salesforce

Zimmer, a worldwide leader in musculoskeletal health care, works to provide effective and creative solutions to support orthopedic surgeons and clinicians to restore mobility and treat arthritis and traumatic injuries. That’s a lot to fulfill. Reaching out to existing and prospective clients while managing their own team seems like a lot to keep track of. With Salesforce, Zimmer can get back to the basics of their business and connect to everyone — easily.

Today, leading healthcare and life sciences companies are challenged to deliver more personalised and effective care without raising costs. And that means operating in new ways. For Zimmer, the leading supplier of orthopedic devices with 100,000+ products, the key to success in this new era is Salesforce.

To keep its business moving ahead, Zimmer needs to stay connected with three types of customers: the surgeons that recommend their medical devices, the hospitals that buy them, and the patients who ultimately benefit from them. Zimmer consolidated customer information from multiple systems into the Sales Cloud, for greater visibility into lead generation and pipeline, and the ability to monitor compliance with strict legal and regulatory guidelines. Now, with Salesforce Platform and Mobile App, reps can access customer information from the road, and use their mobile devices to show surgeons and hospital personnel how medical devices function within the human body. “Our sales teams can interface with doctors virtually anywhere — even the ER — to help patients regain mobility,” explains Don Lamping, Associate Director Sales Operations.

Dynamic results with Salesforce allows Zimmer to focus on what they do best

It’s important for any company or organisation to continue to do what it does best. Getting deep into the weeds on red tape, busy work, or expensive fixes, delays progress and affects productivity. Zimmer was able to benefit from Salesforce right away. Of Zimmer’s Salesforce users, 25% are field reps. Management has true visibility of opportunities, quotas, and what needs to be sold. With the Salesforce1 Mobile App, field sales reps can make updates and record notes from the road, with richer, more accurate data. No more waiting to get back to the office.

In an ever-changing healthcare industry, knowing that every moving part is trackable and accessible from nearly anywhere adds an enormous sense of confidence.

Adds Lamping, “Our field sales reps can capture or update contacts, accounts, and opportunities from the Salesforce1 Mobile App. That mobile level of connectivity never existed before.”

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