Customer Experience Professionals (Sales, Marketing & Service)

Learn how to keep customers and prospects engaged with your brand across every channel in this purpose built stream.

Customer Theatre

Choose from a selection of 10 minute high value presentations and live demonstrations.

  • Self Serving Customers

    Today’s customers expect to have access to customer service on their terms. Salesforce cloud-based solutions offer options for 24/7 customer support and service. During this session, gain an understanding of how to reduce customer effort and increase utility through Web & Mobile Self-Service & Communities.

  • Omni Channel Customer Service

    Reduce negative effort and increase positive engagement across channels. Omni-Channel integrates seamlessly into the Salesforce console to route all these assignments to the correct agents automatically. Because it’s easier for agents to work on their assignments, they can assist your customers faster and more effectively and close assignments more quickly.

  • Creating 1:1 Customer Journeys

    Marketing across every industry has been undergoing a transformation - your customers want to have a personalised experience with your brand. This session will show how as Marketers you can create these 1-to-1 journeys for your customers and keep them engaged with your brand at every step.

Collaboration Corners

As you look to Design Your Unfair Advantage, Salesforce expertise and knowledge will be on hand to help you innovate. Whether you simply want to bounce ideas/concepts or get a deeper understanding about the technologies you have seen and heard, the Salesforce team will be on hand to answer questions about architecture, solutions engineering and implementation. Bring to life your ideas on how you and your organisation can gain an unfair advantage.