Basecamp Melbourne Agenda


Main Room

Join Salesforce executives and local Trailblazer Telstra in this keynote to learn how Telstra Enterprise is transforming its customer experience, removing friction for its employees, and increasing productivity. Salesforce will also showcase new products and technologies that can dramatically change the way businesses can connect with customers across sales, service, marketing, and IT.

Businesses need to deliver AI-powered, real-time experiences to meet customer expectations. Join Salesforce along with local trailblazers to see how Salesforce is launching the next evolution of customer engagement across the customer lifecycle to truly deliver a single view of the customer.

Customer Speaker: Monash University

Telstra is Australia’s largest communications company with a network that covers 99% of the population. The Salesforce Customer Success Platform is helping Telstra's Enterprise business transform and connect with its customers in new ways. Join this session to learn how Telstra is using Sales Cloud to sell faster and smarter, how its empowering its teams with AI-powered analytics and building CRM-powered experiences faster with Community Cloud.

Customer Speaker: Mirko Gropp, Digital Enablement Principal, Telstra Enterprise.

All companies want to transform but most are complacent with legacy systems and ways of thinking, making it difficult to have breakthrough moments and achieve the change promised through digital transformation. Join the Salesforce Office of Innovation and our customer trailblazers to go behind the scenes on what it takes to digitally transform.

Theatre 1 Sessions

The age of intelligent marketing is here. If you’re like many marketers, you are faced with disconnected tools that make it impossible to align with sales and take your campaigns to the next level. Learn how Salesforce Pardot can help you engage customers with AI, analytics, and account-based marketing all on one extendable platform.
Do you love Trailhead? Do you want to inspire a culture of learning in your community or organisation? Then this is the session for you! Hear about "Trailhead in a Box" a new trailmix that gives you the best practices to drive Trailhead engagement and prepare you to evangelise Trailhead in any scenario.
Manufacturing: The complexity of manufacturing is changing. The ecosystem now demands a unified digital experience, beyond the price and product. Manufacturers need to digitally transform in-order to deliver. Join us to learn how Trailblazers are transforming into customer-centric companies by creating digital touch points within each part of their ecosystem to better the manage customer lifecycle.
Companies who create cohesive experiences see a 45% increase in customer retention. Learn why Sales and Service are better together and how you can connect both departments to build brand affinity, drive profitability and consistently deliver customer service that exceeds their expectations.
Join us in this session to see how Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud creates closer connections across the entire consumer goods value chain. Learn how brands are collaborating with retail channel partners to turn every store into the perfect store and drive increased business growth by delivering on their promise to end consumers.

Theatre 2 Sessions

Join Aaron Tabone, CIO of Provider Assist, to hear how he’s used Heroku to build a suite of connected apps that provides real-time, actionable insights for faster decision making. Heroku has enabled Provider Assist to get to market faster, drive high growth, and position themselves as an innovative and trusted partner in the aged care sector.          
Join Salesforce and local trailblazer, ARMS Reliability, a leading global provider of reliability engineering solutions to companies like Boeing, BHP and Cisco. Hear how they have been using Salesforce for over a decade to help capture a huge growth opportunity in asset strategy management while serving their customers holistically. Join this session to discover how ARMS Reliability has used the Salesforce platform to grow their business through lead nurturing, utilising AI-powered analytics to uncover insight and enable cross department communication to better help customers.
Today's consumers demand the ability to engage with your brand across every channel, and expect a seamless experience through every interaction. To deliver that omnichannel experience, you need a scalable method of connecting all of your systems and business functions, providing the agility to innovate quickly as you expand into new channels. Learn how MuleSoft can help your brand grow by building a consistent omnichannel experience across every one of your touchpoints.
Consumers are now conditioned to expect real-time personalised engagement across touchpoints. This true 1-to-1 marketing requires marrying the power of your data with real-time decisioning that can adapt to your customer’s in-flight journey. In this session, Clinton Hearne (Head of Marketing) from Travel Money Group and Niall Bishop from Medibank will outline their learnings in delivering personalised experiences.
Government departments are challenged to deliver digital services more efficiently whilst meeting the demands of an increasing IT literate society. To achieve this, departments will have to balance the introduction of new innovations with the need to transform at a pace that is practical. Please join Government Trailblazer Russell Parker CIO at Service Victoria who will share how they are delivering innovative digital services to create amazing citizen experiences.

Success Cloud Sessions

Adoption Theatre Sessions

Implementation is a journey, not a destination. Learn from a Salesforce Architect and make yours an epic ride.
The power of social listening is in its ability to rapidly understand the sentiments of the community and be able to communicate real-time next steps. Hear from Victoria Police on how they handled a recent crisis using the Salesforce Social platforms to deliver communication at scale.
It doesn’t matter how great your Salesforce solution is if users don’t use it. Join us to learn adoption strategy best practices such as executive sponsorship, training, and motivation to positively impact the acceptance and usage of Salesforce in your organisation.

Learn how the Victorian Legal Admissions Board transformed the process of application for admission as a lawyer in Victoria. A centuries old paper based system was revolutionised with a Salesforce platform and community portal. Increased accessibility allowed for a system that shortened the application from two months to a matter of, at times, days. Hear about the pros and cons of their journey along with their recent transition to Lightning and Einstein.

Customer Speaker: Maria Di Palma, Senior Advisor, VLAB

Are you ready for Lightning? This session will cover the essential things you need to know before migrating to Lightning, including Lightning Readiness Report, identifying quick wins, and a live demo of key features and resources.

The “Reimagined” Podium platform has transformed the Australian Mortgage Broker industry by leveraging the Salesforce Partner and Customer community products to deliver a world class experience for our Brokers, who represent 30% of the Australian mortgage broker market. Over an 18 month period, the Podium team have tackled one of the most complex Salesforce implementations globally, successfully managing to consolidate 2,800 Sales Cloud instances into 1 Partner Community instance. This transition has not only simplified and de-risked NAB’s technology environment by reducing complexity and customisations by leveraging Salesforce native capabilities, but has delivered a world class experience for our brokers with a human centred design approach for the user interface which has enabled our Brokers to grow revenue and reduce operating costs.

Customer Speaker: Stam Gonopoulos - Head of Technology, Broker Aggregation, BET, National Australia Bank

Explore recent developments in AI functionality within Salesforce Marketing Cloud and experience how these features can support your business goals. Learn how to leverage Einstein not only to boost open rates and engagement of your email program, but also to deliver improved customer experiences.

Circles of Success

Join us for an interactive discussion with other customers to learn best practices in managing your Sales pipeline through the creation and use of better reports and dashboards in Sales Cloud, and learn about available resources to help enable your users.
Keeping up with both Salesforce releases and business changes can be a challenge. Without effective Change Management, conflicting priorities can lead to lots of starts and stops. Join our small group session with Salesforce experts and other customers to learn how to make it all flow smoothly. We’ll share strategies on who to include when planning for change, how to entice users to provide feedback, and what you should be thinking of when developing a change process to increase Salesforce ROI.
Are you wondering how to manage your Lightning transition? Join our small group session with Salesforce experts and other customers to hear what to do during the preparation, rollout, and optimisation phases of your transition. Understand how to evaluate technical processes, develop a launch strategy, monitor success metrics, and much more.
How are you attracting new leads? Join us for a discussion on lead generation strategy and best practices. Understand and discuss the use cases for Forms and Form Handlers, Landing Pages and the importance of a strong content strategy!
Whether you're new to Salesforce, finished implementing or just trying to increase your adoption, we've developed the "7 Domains Framework" to help you through your Salesforce journey. This session will help you align your CRM strategy with your changing business goals and help drive business value from your Salesforce investment.
Join this interactive discussion to learn how to effectively decrease time spent re-designing emails, with Content Builder's templates and re-usable Content Blocks. Improve marketing content curation, increase collaboration across teams and learn data-driven strategies to personalise content all while also increasing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.
Did you inherit a cluttered org with no documentation? Are you trying to figure out why you have 500 fields on an object? Join this session and collaboratively learn from other customers about the most common traits of a messy implementation, and how you can untangle yours.
If you are thinking about your digital engagement strategy with your customers, you have come to the right place. Join us to learn best practices when it comes to Service Cloud Chat, Messaging and Einstein Bots to help your customers across their preferred digital channels such as Chat, SMS or Messaging Apps.
Are you wondering how to manage your Lightning transition? Join our small group session with Salesforce experts and other customers to hear what to do during the preparation, rollout, and optimisation phases of your transition. Understand how to evaluate technical processes, develop a launch strategy, monitor success metrics, and much more.