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Episode 1 – Premiere Episode

24 March, 11:30 a.m.–3:00 p.m.

Add To Calendar 2021-03-24 11:30 2021-03-24 15:00 Let’s kick off six weeks of learning, connection, and innovation, starting with an inspiring premiere episode.<br><br>Learn more at Streaming live, details will be sent before the event Salesforce Live: Australia & New Zealand Premiere Episode
We’re in a new reality. An all-digital, work-from-anywhere world.Almost overnight, sales moved from in-person handshakes to Zooms, service call centres from office buildings to agents in their homes, marketing events from convention centres to webinars, and commerce from brick-and-mortar to online. In this new normal, companies must adopt new ways of engaging customers and helping employees who are working from anywhere succeed.Join Pip Marlow, EVP & CEO, ANZ / ASEAN at Salesforce and special guest Michael Ackland, Group Executive, Consumer and Small Business, Telstra to learn how businesses of all sizes have adapted. We’ll show you how the Customer 360 is your key to success in this keynote packed with amazing customers, Trailblazers, and announcements you won’t want to miss.
The events of the last year have forced leaders to rethink everything; people, processes and technology.

In this panel session, hosted by Broadcaster Jenny Brockie, we'll focus on our most important asset; our people. Our panellists will discuss the dynamic possibilities of reskilling, redeployment and also explore sources of emerging talent to help businesses survive and thrive.

Solving Business Problems with Flow

Hear how Stephen Brown, Senior Director Product Strategy, is using Flow to help solve business problems at nonprofit Cleft New Zealand. You will see several use cases from Cleft NZ and learn how Stephen creatively used different flow features to meet their requirements.

Salesforce Integration using Webhooks, Apex and Platform Events

Salesforce integration can involve many moving parts. Join Matt Lacey as he demonstrates how webhooks are a simple way to facilitate a one-way integration whereby one system can notify another of certain events taking place, such as a pull request being merged in GitHub or a message being posted to a particular Slack channel. As systems don’t always support a full OAuth style setup for these calls, this session demonstrates a technique for implementing a public webhook on Salesforce without the risk of exposing data to the outside world.

Engage Your Users in New Ways

Learn a new virtual way to engage with your users from Mia Pacey, who will share a demo of her innovative campfire method of end user engagement.

What’s new in Apex, SOQL, and Developer Tools?

In this code-centric session, Neha Bhardwaj walks you through new and exciting features in the Apex programming language, SOQL, and developer tools including the Salesforce CLI and the Salesforce Extensions for Visual Studio Code.

Build confidence by Rocking your User Group Demo

Join Madeleine Coutanceau, Global Head of Systems & Processes to learn her demo best practices, the importance of giving a demo at a user group and how she gained confidence to demo at any User Group or executive to be an AwesomeAdmin.

Hands On with Custom Lightning Web Components

Lightning Web Components offer a robust library of standard components to get the job done, but how do you create your own powerful and reusable components? In this code-centric session, David Norris take us through his own journey building his awesome Time Warp component, now available on the AppExchange. He will cover an introduction of the basics of the framework itself, talk about the ins and outs of designing and crafting a custom component, and lessons learned along the way.

Trailhead News

Tune in to hear all the latest news in the world of Trailhead. Whether you're an admin, developer, architect or Trailblazer, new to Salesforce or a seasoned professional, there will be news for you!

Trail of the Century Game Show

Join us for "Trail of the Century" the cutting edge game show where we ask the tough Trailhead questions and members of the community try to answer them. Come for the quiz, stay for the fun!

Trailhead Interview

Join host Megan Petersen as she interviews Stuart Frank, Director Strategic Experiences APAC at Salesforce. Given we haven't been able to have face-to-face events in over a year, let's pick the brain of the man who's been behind a huge part of the digital pivot made by our APAC events team and pass on some ways you can achieve this in your own endeavours.

The Great Regression: How the Pandemic has Set Back Equality

Businesses have made great strides in progress across talent development, equality, diversity and a people first approach to organisational culture. In this session, led by Angela Priestley from Women's Agenda, we'll discuss how we've recently regressed particularly on women in the workforce. Striking figures on job losses with female unemployment making up 54% due to unpaid care and other factors. Our panelists will confront how actions not words will turn the tide for the long run.

Removing Complexity and Improving Customer Experience at Scale - a Fireside Chat with Amanda Hutton, Group Owner Consumer & Digitisation, Telstra

Join Amanda Hutton, Group Owner Consumer & Digitisation, Telstra as we dive deeper into the Telstra story featured in the keynote to learn how the Telstra team brought more than 20,000 employees and 10M customers on their digital transformation journey removing complexity from their business and improving customer experiences.

How REA Group is Driving Consistent Customer Experiences with the Salesforce Customer 360

Join this fireside chat to hear from Trailblazer Smrithi Kamtikar, Senior Manager Product, REA Group share how REA Group is driving more consistent customer experiences with the Salesforce Customer 360.

Building the New Growth Model by Connecting Production, Sales, and Planning Across Your Industrial, Manufacturing and Construction Partners

In this session trailblazer customers Legend Corporation, Legrand and Modern Star will share insights into customer/ partner expectations and how to connect production, sales, and planning across your ecosystem to keep your business on track for growth.

Engaging Healthcare Care Practitioners Cohesively Across Channels and Delivering One-to-One Personalised Experiences

For Pharma and Medical Device companies, the pandemic has been a decisive test of digital maturity; driving new mindsets and accelerating the push towards more holistic omni-channel engagement of HCPs. The opportunity to more effectively leverage data to lift the employee and HCP experience is enormous. Join us to hear how Johnson. & Johnson are bringing new capabilities and tools to ignite growth, accelerate sales cycles, and exceed patient expectations across every channel.
The aged care operating environment has never been more complex. On top of a range of recent reforms, Covid-19 has brought a particularly distressing and challenging time for the sector. With what we hope is the worst of the pandemic now behind us and the Royal Commission report completed, the sector is actively looking at how to transform for the future. Join Anita Ghose from Deloitte and Salesforce luminaries as we explore key transformation themes and how technology can accelerate key outcomes.

Creating Your Digital HQ with Slack

Right now we have a unique opportunity to radically transform work, however many businesses have simply done a "lift and shift" of office-based practices to video calls. In this session, Matt Loop, Head of APAC at Slack will share how organisations can take advantage of the opportunities to transform for the better! Matt will share how globally, businesses are creating a Digital HQ using Slack that connects their people, apps and data to help them grow, innovate and compete in new and innovative ways. Join us as we share real stories and insights into what the Future of Work looks like today.

How To Manage COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution in Our Communities (from January 2021)

Tune in as Dr. Larry Brilliant discusses ongoing pandemic response and ways to manage COVID-19 vaccine distribution with Salesforce’s Casey Coleman. Next, Bill Patterson hosts a conversation on how the health department of Lake County, IL, led by director Jefferson McMillan-Wilhoit, is rolling out the vaccine – with the help of technology – to its residents.

How Fisher & Paykel are Transforming the Customer Experience

Fisher & Paykel’s Rudi Khoury speaks with Salesforce’s Sarah Patterson about how Fisher & Paykel has been innovating to empower their employees and provide seamless experiences for their customers, partners, and resellers. From our Leading through Change series in December 2020.

How to Focus on What’s Essential with Greg McKeown

Think differently about your work and learn to focus on what's essential with Greg McKeown, leadership strategist and author of "Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less".

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Admin & IT

Episode 2 – Sales Trailblazers

26 March, 11:30 a.m.–1:30 p.m.


Mapping a Path to Growth with Digital and Personal Selling Innovation

Australia and New Zealand are leaders in suppressing the COVID virus while managing a dynamic economy. Throughout this, Sales teams have responded and excelled by pivoting selling practices to comply with ever changing health conditions using a dynamic hybrid selling model. Join this session to hear how sales leaders devised pandemic proof sales strategies to meet customers needs, despite local restrictions, and achieve their growth ambitions.

Drive Sales Excellence and Plan for Future Growth

Building your business requires sales and sales operations leaders who are able to quickly adapt to customer needs. Your sales team needs clear insight into pipeline and the ability to prioritise the right opportunities while leaders need forecasts they can rely on. Join Gordana Redzovski, Vice President APAC at Vend and Tony J. Hughes, Best Selling Author & Leading Professional Selling Educator to hear how Salesforce customers have accelerated decision making, adapted go-to-market and are planning for future growth.

Accelerate Revenue Growth with the New Revenue Cloud

2020 has been a challenging year for many sales, operations and finance teams, especially dealing with processes that slowed down revenue, frustrated customers or hurt sales performance.

Hear how Salesforce customers have tranformed the buying experience with Revenue Cloud and how they have launched new revenue models to optimise performance.

How to Speed Up Your Team's Sales Process with Asynchronous Selling

We often think that the length of our sales cycle is fixed, because it's the speed at which our customers buy, and not something that we can impact much. But what if sales actually has more than one speed? What if WE were actually the ones who are slowing it down, because we're working at the wrong speed? This doesn't mean that you should dial faster or work longer hours. It has to do with synchronous vs. asynchronous meetings, and how we can actually use this as a lever to control the speed of our sales. Listen in here to get some tangible examples, directly from Jacco van der Kooij, of exactly what you and your team can do to control the speed of your sales, while at the same time helping to facilitate the buying process for your customer.

Drive Growth for Sales Teams with Sales Cloud 360

As sales teams plan for next year, one thing is for sure - teams that can more easily shift priorities and processes will be more successful in closing deals. Hear about the newest innovation from Salesforce that will help sales executives successfully navigate these changes in the year ahead. You'll get a sneak peek of what's in upcoming releases and you'll hear firsthand from a Trailblazer how their sales team is using Salesforce to adapt and thrive.

Salesforce on Salesforce: Inside Sales That Works from Home

Inside sellers thrive on a team environment for learning, for motivation and for coaching from their leadership. But how do you replicate that when everyone is remote? Join this session to hear about the tools and processes Salesforce's own Inside Sales team put in place to keep up with business and customer needs during a pandemic. Learn how to adapt selling motions, coaching processes and quickly adjust to new buying behaviours at scale.

Deliver the Future of CRM today with Salesforce Anywhere

Selling has changed drastically over the last year. But sales tools and technologies have not. In fact, according to Deloitte, 82% of companies have deployed at least 5 tools to help manage their sales processes since the pandemic started. Join this session to learn about how Salesforce Anywhere can deliver the future of CRM today via a modern, flexible, work-from-anywhere interface that helps accelerate sales success in real-time.
Add To Calendar 2021-03-26 11:30 2021-03-26 13:30 Connect with Trailblazers, learn from experts, and hear from leaders throughout Australia and New Zealand.<br><br>See more info at Via Livestream, details will be sent before the event. Sales Trailblazers – Salesforce Live Australia & New Zealand

Episode 3 – Financial Services Trailblazers

30 March, 11:30 a.m.–1:30 p.m.


Ahead of the Curve: Lessons from Two Financial Services Mavericks

We are seeing an acceleration of many of the key trends driving financial services innovation. Customers want better service, flexible products and a trusted relationship. Culture change is being driven by employees, the need for new skills and data driven decisions. Technology is forming the basis of iterative, experimental and fundamental changes to the way the industry works. This acceleration cannot be stopped and ANZ Bank’s Gerard Florian and Brett King will discuss how to keep ahead in 2021 and beyond.

Financial Services in 2021: The Future of Product and Distribution

Consumer behaviour is changing. New watering holes are emerging where consumers go to learn about and engage with financial services. Progressive businesses are responding to this shift, innovating with new products and distribution channels. In this panel, we’ll explore how industry trailblazers are capitalising on this trend with Salesforce.

The Pursuit of Appyness: Protecting Victorian Workers Through Digitisation

Worksafe Victoria plays a vital role in providing insurance for Victorian workers. Through a collaborative, digitised approach to insurance and recovery management, Worksafe Victoria is able to work with allied health practitioners as well as leverage analytics to shorten recovery times and improve outcomes for Victorian workers. In this fireside chat, Worksafe Victoria explores the changing industry and the role technology plays in navigating this.

How RACV are Building World-Class Customer Experiences

RACV are hyper-focused on providing member experiences that are relevant, personalised, and digital. Learn how they evolved their company mindset from product-centric to member-centric, and united the organisation with a single view of their members to deliver a seamless and connected experience at every touchpoint.

How Aussie is Digitally Transforming: Fireside Chat with Chief Digital Officer

Join Rainer Rhedey, Chief Digital Officer, Aussie sharing how they are leveraging the Salesforce platform to improve the home loan application process across 1,000 brokers across 200 stores.

Financial Services: From Stabilise to Grow

Financial Services organisations have had to radically shift their priorities this past year as service delivery expectations have changed. Hear the latest trends that executives have made to their growth strategies this past year. Get a preview of new financial services innovations that enable organisations to provide personalised and seamless customer experiences in a more efficient, secure, and compliant manner. Learn how First Interstate Bank has leveraged Salesforce to deliver the speed and agility it needs to go from stabilisation to growth.
Add To Calendar 2021-03-30 11:30 2021-03-30 13:30 Connect with Trailblazers, learn from experts, and hear from leaders throughout Australia and New Zealand.<br><br>See more info at Via Livestream, details will be sent before the event. Financial Services Trailblazers – Salesforce Live Australia & New Zealand

Episode 4 – Retail and Consumer Goods Trailblazers

1 April, 11:30 a.m.–1:30 p.m.


Join Channel 9s Tommy McCubbin presenting ‘The Great Acceleration’ in Retail and Consumer Goods

Join Channel 9s Tommy McCubbin presenting ‘The Great Acceleration’ in Retail and Consumer Goods. Tommy will bring his insights and energy to host:

  • Coca-Cola Amatil with a live demonstration and discussion on how they revolutionised their B2B commerce with 24/7 on-demand and on-mobile experience
  • Tommy’s Top 10 Magic Moments of Innovation - dive in for inspiration for your customers
  • AI in Action - demonstrating how AI is accelerating recommendations, merchandising optimisation and store visits
  • Barbeques Galore virtual store tour - providing a sizzling insight into the omnichannel customer experience
  • One-on-One with Super Retail Group’s CCO (home of Rebel, BCF, SuperCheap Auto and Macpac). Katie McNamara will share how they are championing data-driven, connected and intelligent CX and EX to drive significant online growth
  • Quickfire insights on new power couple; Retail + Consumer Goods partnerships.
  • No-nonsense panel - Watch as Coca-Cola Amatil, Barbecues Galore and Australia Retail Association dissect loyalty, online sales Events, first party data, the future of stores and more.
Add To Calendar 2021-04-01 11:30 2021-04-01 13:30 Connect with Trailblazers, learn from experts, and hear from leaders throughout Australia and New Zealand.<br><br>See more info at Via Livestream, details will be sent before the event. Retail & Consumer Goods Trailblazers – Salesforce Live Australia & New Zealand

Episode 5 – Marketers and Digital Experience Trailblazers

20 April, 11:30 a.m.–1:30 p.m.


How MECCA Digitally Transformed During Uncertain Times

As Digital Transformation evolves to be a Digital Imperative, it’s time for businesses to accelerate digital initiatives in an engaging, interactive way. Join this session to learn how Mecca enhanced their customers experience, linking online with in-store interactions, resulting in increased customer loyalty and lifetime value.

How to Humanise your Marketing by Creating Personalised Moments that Matter

This episode examines how customer expectations and needs are evolving within our world of constant change. Hear from Milwaukee Tool ANZ on how they've transformed their marketing strategy, and walk away with four actionable steps that can help your organisation engage in a more personalised and authentic way to drive business results.

The 50 Pro Marketing Tips GAMESHOW!

Join Norths Collective, OFX and Compare the Market as they share their top marketing tips for creating an excellent customer experience. Don't miss this exciting gameshow!
The world has changed, and so has your customer. In the new normal, 79% of consumers believe the experience a company provides is as important as its products or services. And as a digital leader, you're looking to deliver an entirely digital customer experience to capture your audience, convert shoppers to customers, and drive brand loyalty. Join us for the "State of Digital in 2020," as we share the latest Salesforce research, insights, and recommendations to help you put customers at the centre of your business and thrive in the new all-digital landscape.
Add To Calendar 2021-04-20 11:30 2021-04-20 13:30 Connect with Trailblazers, learn from experts, and hear from leaders throughout Australia and New Zealand.<br><br>See more info at Via Livestream, details will be sent before the event. Marketers & Digital Experience Trailblazers – Salesforce Live Australia & New Zealand

Episode 6 – Small Business Trailblazers

21 April, 11:30 a.m.–1:30 p.m.


The Small Business Show

In 2021, there is one thing on every small business leader’s mind – getting back to growth. In this session, hosted by Australian entrepreneur Tobi Skovron, (CreativeCubes.Co, RebelMonk, ZingyPet, OrangeTheory) we’ll hear from industry leaders and small business champions on how they’re reinventing, building resilience and fuelling their growth for the coming year.

How To Build Workplace Wellbeing

You’ve built your business plan, but have you thought about your workplace wellbeing plan? Small business owners and leaders are usually so focused on growing their business and taking care of their team that they lose sight of their own mental wellbeing.

In this highly practical session with speaker and trainer Tim Hoopmann, you’ll learn how to put together your personal and workplace mental wellness plan to help you do your best work.

Growing Tall: How Tall Poppy Marketing Supercharged their Growth Strategy

Learn how Tall Poppy turned the traditional real estate marketing model on its head. By putting technology at the centre of the business, they created a personalised digital experiences for customers while lowing their cost to acquire and helping more people find their dream home . Michael Cummins and Heidi Roberts talk about how they geared the business for aggressive growth, stayed nimble and overshadowed Tall Poppy competition.

Getting Service Right: Learn How me&u Tripled Their Business (and Their Happy Customers)

me&u is on a mission to “transition the world to a smarter menu.” By making menus smarter, helping people avoid waiting at the bar and making splitting the bill easy, me&u is transforming the hospitality industry to deliver a better customer experiences and drive profitability for an industry on its knees. But when delivering better service is what your business is about, you want to make sure you get it right for your customers.

Learn from me&u COO, Asheesh Chacko, how me&u used technology to automate its business, onboard and support customers faster and triple their business.

At Home with Living Edge: Grow your Sales by 25% by Leveraging Online

What do you do when everyone is stuck at home? Develop an online space that can help customers make their home beautiful. In this session, we talk to James Morton about how Living Edge launched its new online showroom during COVID and shofted its selling model to respond to changing consumer behaviour.
Add To Calendar 2021-04-21 11:30 2021-04-21 13:30 Connect with Trailblazers, learn from experts, and hear from leaders throughout Australia and New Zealand.<br><br>See more info at Via Livestream, details will be sent before the event. Small Business Trailblazers – Salesforce Live Australia & New Zealand

Episode 7 – Service and Customer Experience Trailblazers

22 April, 11:30 a.m.–1:30 p.m.


The Future of Customer Experience, in the Age of ‘Generation Novel’

The New Normal is for everyone else. The Next Normal is where everyone is racing. But not you. This rare Ctrl-Alt-Del moment is both a disruption and a gift. For the last 20 years, the world was changing because of digital. Now, the world has changed and it's not going back. The emotional and psychological effects of the pandemic are resetting customer values and encouraging them to experiment with other brands, retailers, and services giving rise to ‘Generation-Novel’, the customer segment created by the pandemic. Want to boost customer loyalty in this era of uncertainty? Start with reimagining service and customer experience. Then, think differently about the role your service teams and customer service plays in the customer journey.

In this eye-opening session, Brian will...

  • Explain the effect of the pandemic on long term customer behaviour and emerging business models
  • Explore how customers and our teams can learn from one another to create new value in the #NovelEconomy.
  • Share how implementing a relationship transformation (RTx) framework can improve customer experience.

State of Service 2021 and Leaders' Perspectives

Dive into our State of Service research and hear how service experts see their next 12 months. Nigel Piper, Executive General Manager Customer Experience at Xero shares how Xero uses content and digital experiences to transform service from support to being trusted advisors for their customers. The Xero team is "work-from-anywhere", using new tools, like Slack, to remain connected and are unified through the vision of the Chief Customer Officer. Expect similar trends in an industry near you.

Yvonne Timson, COO, Community Vision shares how the pandemic is a compelling event for digital adoption even for the older demographic. Organisations are co-designing new ways of working by putting the control in the hands of the client paired with technology. During the pandemic, field service provides new opportunities for growth and digital communities are the key to us all aging well. Experienced technology analyst and VP Product Strategy, Olive Huang shares how organisations in Australia are in cost optimisation mode implementing automation to maintain experience and value optimisation, rationalising their portfolio of products to focus on what is most important to the company and customers.

Service Evolution at Foxtel: Spearheading a New Service Experience

Facing significant industry disruption, pressures brought on by the pandemic and challenges with legacy infrastructure, Foxtel needed to evolve its service quickly to meet heightened customer demands. It responded by introducing a more agile business model to its service operations and within 8 weeks resulted in a 50% boost in service efficiencies.

Tune into this session to hear what were the key service investments Foxtel made to pivot quickly and what it has learned during this crucial time. Plus, you will hear how the organisation plans to spearhead a new service legacy that will significantly improve the way it services its customers in the future.

State of the Voice Episode and its Role in Driving Super-connected Customer Experiences

In this session we will discuss why voice is such an important service, and how technology like Service Cloud Voice will help to overcome some key pain points of the phone. We will also discuss the benefits of integrating voice, digital and CRM to deliver super-connected customer experiences, and hear from on how they have started to embark on this game changing journey.

Field Service in the New Normal

As the recovery continues field service has moved to a new normal. At the same time 70% of customers still prefer on-site service. Work practices adopted to handle new needs from customers and employees for increased transparency and accountability require our systems to evolve. Our teams need to skill up for new work practices like remote servicing and operating within more precise service windows to provide safe service and fix the first time. It has never been more important to have our information in one place, readily available and optimised using the best available AI.

Best Practices for Empowering Your Agents to Serve Your Customers

Today, agents are the key player in delivering great customer experiences. Join this session to get an introduction on how Telstra Consumer & Small Business is using Salesforce to reimagine their agent experience. Learn best practises around case management and knowledge management, and how this translates to a more streamlined service experience for everyone.

In-Home Care - Delivering Amazing Customer and Employee Experiences at Kincare

The majority of Australians prefer to age in their home. Furthermore the recent Royal Commission report has emphasised the need for a choice of care settings and the importance of providing care in the home where possible. Join this session to learn how Salesforce underpins high quality, personalised and efficient in-home care delivery at Kincare, exploring:

  • Flexible rostering and scheduling with Salesforce Service Cloud and Schedulo to support compelling customer and employee experiences
  • Enhancing the education and onboarding journey with automated communications supported by Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud
  • Preparing for a future with more digitised and even more personalised care delivery supported by workflows, automation and analytics
  • Efficiently managing compliance requirements, providing customers with key information, and managing hazard and incident reporting
  • Delivering in-home care experiences efficiently with workflows and automation
Add To Calendar 2021-04-22 11:30 2021-04-22 13:30 Connect with Trailblazers, learn from experts, and hear from leaders throughout Australia and New Zealand.<br><br>See more info at Via Livestream, details will be sent before the event. Service & Customer Experience Trailblazers – Salesforce Live Australia & New Zealand

Episode 8 – Government Trailblazers

27 April, 11:30 a.m.–1:30 p.m.


Government with 2020 Vision

The speed and scale of both health and economic responses by government in 2020 highlighted the need for digitised systems that allow governments to pivot and iterate quickly. It also underlined the demand for personalised government services and clear, proactive communication from government.

The question will be what institutional changes can and need to be made to ensure government continues to be a primary enabler of economic recovery in 2021 and beyond. Public Sector expert and government editor of the AFR, Tom Burton, will facilitate an engaging panel, where we will explore the trends, changes and challenges that governments faced in 2020 and will continue to face across ANZ in 2021.

This highly engaging and entertaining panel will explore four challenges governments have faced and continue to face:
1. Government messaging and communication in the time of COVID
2. Government's role in the economic "rebuild"
3. Smart, predictive government
4. Government, trust and democracy post-pandemic

Social Services Making an Impact

Governments role to provide support to our most vulnerable citizens has never been more important and in many ways stands as a measure of our values as a community. Join us to hear how the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) here in Australia are working wth Salesforce to support those in most need.

Bringing Together Skills, Businesses and People

As COVID-19 impacted PPE supply chains around the world, the Government's Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) responded. Realising the potential to create locally-produced PPE, it created a self-managed platform to connect manufacturers, suppliers and customers along the production chain. Join us to hear how the AMCG implemented a speedy and effective solution to bring together skills, businesses and people in our community at the height of the pandemic.

Trust in Government

A year on from our research collaboration with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) on the Trust Imperative; we are living in an era of QR codes, border permits, contact tracing, paperless document signing, and digital licensing. Smart, data-driven government will support the fastest, most sustainable, cost efficient route to recovery. Hear from BCG and Salesforce on trust and government as our nations look to protect and support lives and livelihoods beyond the crisis.
Add To Calendar 2021-04-27 11:30 2021-04-27 13:30 Connect with Trailblazers, learn from experts, and hear from leaders throughout Australia and New Zealand.<br><br>See more info at Via Livestream, details will be sent before the event. Government Trailblazers – Salesforce Live Australia & New Zealand

Episode 9 – Admins and IT Trailblazers

29 April, 11:30 a.m.–1:30 p.m.


What Does it Take to Create and Maintain High Performing Teams?

Join our panel of esteemed experts, including Football Champion and 2014 Australian of the Year, Adam Goodes, who will share their experiences on how to build and maintain high performance teams, especially in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous settings and the role technology might play in this goal. You’ll hear how technology is being used to boost motivation, renew engagement and drive a new level of success with employees across their organisations.

From Nimble Startups to Market Leaders: How our Customer Trailblazers Innovated Fast and Scaled with Confidence

As change becomes the only constant, the ability to spot new business opportunities, innovate fast, and scale with confidence is vital to future success. Join this panel discussion to hear how Sphere Drones, Curve Tomorrow, and Audata have rapidly evolved from nimble startups to become Trailblazers in their field. Our panel will share the 'no regret' decisions they made early on that propelled their success, and discuss the vital role that technology plays in supporting their continued expansion.

How BaptistCare Digitised Customer-Centric Aged Care

Join Daniel Pettman, CIO, and Kusal Wijewantha, Applications/BI Manager as they share how they are leading digital transformation at BaptistCare. Find out how they've leveraged APIs to rapidly accelerate the delivery of connected customer experiences for aged care and home service clients. Tune in to get some great insights, tips and best practices to help you build a strategic approach to integration and empower your entire organisation.

How Provider Assist has Re-Imagined their Support to Aged Care Clients

Hear how Aaron Tabone, CIO of Provider Assist, is using the Customer 360 Platform and Heroku to rapidly pivot to providing virtual support to their aged care clients across Australia.

How SCOUTS New Zealand is Using the Customer 360 Platform to Connect and Grow its Online Community

Joshua Tabor, CEO of SCOUTS New Zealand, shares how his organisation has leveraged the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform to bring 11,000 users online within five working weeks. During this session Joshua will discuss the important steps he's taking to digitally transform a traditionally face-to-face-organisation - helping to create a safe and engaging online community where members can collaborate, learn and grow.

Unleash the Power of Salesforce Customer 360 with APIs

To digitally transform and meet rising customer expectations, organisations must innovate at speed and scale. The average enterprise has more than 900 systems and the ability to quickly integrate these systems, unify data and create connected experiences separates industry leaders from those that are left behind. Join us to learn how Integration and APIs accelerate IT delivery, increase organisational agility and unleash the full power of Salesforce Customer 360.

Intro to MuleSoft Anypoint Platform

New to MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform? Join this session to learn what Anypoint Platform is, what problems it solves, how it works and what the benefits are from using it. Discover how Anypoint Platform helps organisations change and innovate faster by making it easy to connect and integrate any application, data, and device.

Gaining a Single View of the Customer & Lifting the Experience at Sigma

To build closer relationships with their Pharmacy customers, Sigma recently embarked on a significant technology-led transformation standardising customer engagement processes across their business and subsidiaries. Learn how Stewart Bell and key IT leaders drove this project, including:

  • Designing for an elevated and more consistent customer experience across businesses
  • Key lessons learnt delivering scale and agility with a significant IT project
  • Selecting and working successfully with key implementation partner Simplus
Add To Calendar 2021-04-29 11:30 2021-04-29 13:30 Connect with Trailblazers, learn from experts, and hear from leaders throughout Australia and New Zealand.<br><br>See more info at Via Livestream, details will be sent before the event. Admins & IT Trailblazers – Salesforce Live Australia & New Zealand