Customer Success Expo

Want to feel inspired with the latest Salesforce technology innovations? Then you must visit the Customer Success Expo and see what's possible for your organisation! Plus there are networking zones such as the Small Business Zone and Marketers Zone to help you unwind, chat and brainstorm possibilities with our experts.

Product Showcase

The Customer Success Expo at Salesforce World Tour is the destination to explore the latest in cloud solutions of the Spring 16 releases. Gain an understanding of how to connect to your customers in a whole new way, powered by the latest social, mobile, data science and IoT technologies from Salesforce. Design your own Expo experience best suited to you.

Salesforce Industries

Connect with your peers and our industries experts at the Salesforce Industries bar. There are a number of industry demonstrations including:

  • Financial Services 

    From wealth management to insurance and banking, companies are looking to connect with their clients in entirely new ways. Come see the new Financial Services Cloud—designed to help build 1-to-1 relationships between clients and advisors.

  • Retail 

    Shoppers demand a seamless customer experience. Stores are being reimagined as showrooms, fulfillment centres, and experience hubs. New entrants are innovating around every step of the shopper journey. Retailers of all sizes must disrupt or be disrupted.

  • Government 

    Government is in the midst of a profound transformation, powered by innovative ideas and a commitment to do better. The new model puts citizens first and agencies out in front of needs – anticipating, personalising, and delivering intelligent services when, where, and to whom they are needed.

  • Nonprofit 

    Use the power of social, mobile, cloud, and analytics to become a connected nonprofit.


Trailhead is the fun way to learn Salesforce. Whether you’re a Salesforce developer, admin, or user, Trailhead helps you learn the skills to succeed.

  • Camp Quick-start 

    Get hands-on with the latest Salesforce technologies and with Trailhead. Dedicated content is available for Developers, Admins, and Users.

  • Trailhead Library 

    Get everything you need to start building next-generation enterprise apps today. Complete your Salesforce library with our FREE Salesforce Books and Trailhead Starter Kits.

  • Salesforce Demos 

    Experience the App Cloud from Salesforce Experts, and learn how you can build apps faster than ever. See for yourself how to develop apps that connect products, users, and devices into engaging experiences.

  • Ask the Expert 

    Have a Salesforce question? We’re ready to help you with reports & dashboards, process automation, data management, customising Salesforce, and more.

  • Trailhead Theatre 

    A program of presentations running all day from Salesforce Experts and rockstars from the community.

Participating Customers