Highlights by Role and Trailmaps

Our Salesforce team has designed an agenda we're sure you'll get maximum value from, whatever your job role or industry. Here are just a few highlights by role of what you can expect to get out of attending Salesforce World Tour 2017. We’ve also handpicked some sessions you won’t want to miss and popped these into Trailmaps to help you navigate your path to success on the day. For the full agenda, please click here.

  • Sales Professionals

    As Sales professionals, you’ll learn how to supercharge sales growth by connecting sales with service, marketing, and more. Sales isn't just about the sales department anymore. You need a platform that can help you find selling opportunities throughout your business, from lead, to customer, to advocate. Salesforce helps by delivering a lightning-fast user experience with a layer of artificial intelligence to help everyone be more productive from anywhere. Come out changed for the better, more inspired and prepared to absolutely crush your quota. You’ll learn from the best, to sell like the best.

    Trailmap for Sales

  • Marketers

    For leading marketers, you will learn how to make the most of every customer interaction by creating customer journeys that deliver exceptional brand experience. Here you will see the latest in email, mobile, social, web, and journey management, as well as all the other solutions Salesforce has for marketers. Hear from the best in the region and connect with your customers like never before.

    Trailmap for Marketers

  • Customer Service Leaders

    For customer service leaders wanting to make service a strategic advantage for their organisations, putting customers at the core. Discover how conversational service can remake you and your organisation as Service Trailblazers. Topics such as artificial intelligence, service journeys, building communities and field service will be featured.

    Trailmap for Service

  • Advertisers

    Make your advertising smarter by activating every customer touchpoint across 1-to-1 marketing channels with highly relevant messages in real-time. Now part of the Salesforce Ohana, learn how Krux, the world's leading cloud DMP with a complete data architecture at its core, helps you target people - not devices. By capturing 100% of your data all of the time, you'll learn how to activate a unfied view of the individual, far beyond demographics.

    Trailmap for Advertisers

  • IT Leaders

    IT leaders today are torn between conflicting mandates. They are asked to keep the systems running, yet also lead company-wide innovation. Make employees and customers happy, yet ensure data security. Do more with less. Learn how IT trailblazers empower the business, innovate with new technology, continuously elevate the employee experience, and connect with customers in a whole new way.

    Trailmap for IT


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