How uses Chatter

We run our business on Chatter

At, we’re constantly discovering new and surprising ways to work together on Chatter. Here are five ways Chatter is changing the way we work at our company.

1. Connections are exploding
We’re connecting with colleagues across departments and geographies to expand our knowledge and reach. For example, a sales rep looking for an expert in the automotive industry posted her question on Chatter. People from all over the world responded with great answers—people she didn’t initially know and wouldn’t have known to reach out to.

2. Apps and data are coming to life
The biggest difference between Chatter and other collaborative applications is that Chatter goes beyond connecting people to also connect to data. At, we follow records that are important to us, such as top deals, key accounts, or even custom objects. Anytime updates are made to these records, we know in real time, so we never have to hunt down information.

3. Discoveries are unleashed
Tapping into a network of resources has been one of the great benefits of Chatter. In addition to seeking out information, people are discovering unexpected information, such as competitive tips and industry-specific updates. For example, an airline customer unexpectedly contacted us and wanted to visit on short notice. With Chatter, everyone involved quickly got up to speed and gathered relevant customer stories for the presentation. It’s something that would have been impossible without Chatter.

4. Sharing is becoming a way of life
Chatter is becoming an essential tool for meeting prep and getting feedback. We’re sharing content for customer meetings right on the account record rather than sending countless emails with large attachments or tracking multiple versions of a presentation. By sharing files with our teams on Chatter, people are getting direct feedback and insights to help them do their jobs better.

5. Executives are more actively engaged
At we find that Chatter is a great way for executives and employees to stay connected. As one of our most active Chatter users, our CEO, Marc Benioff posts frequently to get feedback on ideas, news about deals, product suggestions, and opinions from people who wouldn’t otherwise get a chance to interact with him.