Customer Service Agent Acronyms

Customer Service Words and Acronyms

Customer service reps know it’s important to stay hip with the lingo. If it feels like customers and agents are speaking a foreign language when they drop their fancy terms and acronyms, use the infographic below to decode.

Here’s a list of some of the more common acronyms being passed around customer service centers.


  • AHT - Average handle time

  • CSAT - Customer satisfaction

  • CSS - Customer self service

  • CTI - Computer-telephony integration

  • EOL - End of life policy

  • FCR - First contact resolution

  • KB - Knowledge base

  • KPI- Key performance indicator

  • NPS - Net promoter score

  • SLA Service level agreement


Have you mastered the service rep's guide to acronyms? Great – but these terms are just the beginning to learning more about the everyday language used by customer service professionals. Interested in more terminology you support nerd? Then check out our customer service dictionary.

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