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How Mobile Technology is Bridging the Gap Between Consumer and Business Communication and So Are We!

Business insider states that there are already more mobile devices in the world than people. In five years the planet will have 7.6B people and 10.3B internet connected mobile devices.

Consumerization of IT

We're all aware of the increase in smartphone and tablet use in the consumer world, but a similar upsurge is happening in the business world, too. The mobile 'trend' is far more than just that, it's changing the very nature of human communication ' the shift from one on one contact to text-based communication is rampant. This past year alone, SMS (texting) traffic reached 8.5 trillion messages.

Despite these numbers, there continues to be a big disconnect between employee expectations and corporate mobile offerings, even those of larger companies.

BYOD But Separate Work from Personal

With the prevalence of BYOD (bring your own device) in the workplace, employees are demanding the same services they use in their personal life. We know that employees are using various IM solutions to interact internally, giving out their office phone number to business contacts for voice calls, and texting work contacts from their personal mobile number for efficiency. Did that sentence just make your head spin?! It should...we're all going to various sources for our communication needs and in the business space we're sacrificing our personal number and security by using our own consumer services.

Solving this problem has never been more essential. The ability to use your own device(s) for both personal and business communications, while keeping them separate is crucial.

Bridging the Gap

This need led us to bridge our own gap between consumer and business communications. We took our cloud-based, secure, and encrypted consumer messaging platform, HeyWire, and have brought it into the business communications market ' to meet the evolving messaging needs for businesses of all sizes.

Ok, so what does that mean exactly? With our mobile apps and web browser, you can send and receive text messages from any and all devices using your office phone number. Magic?! Well, no...but it is our 'secret sauce.' We text-enable your office landline number, so it will be 'textable.' It works on all your devices; smartphone, tablet, and computer. So, instead of giving out your personal mobile number, you can now just give out your office number and business contacts can CALL or TEXT you on that. It also works as an internal company messaging system, replacing your company's current closed IM service...Jabber, Chatter, Salesforce that limited you to communicating with only a select group of people.

Talk about covering all your basis with one service ' internal messaging, external texting, even internationally, from your office number. We're excited to bring business communications into the 21st century. For more information, just check out our website!


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