Driving collaborative success in a complex business

Salesforce provides industry-leading companies with pipeline and demand visibility throughout the complex and lengthy semiconductor sales and revenue generation process.

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Salesforce delivers increased
visibility into our sales pipeline
and enables us to better
understand our business.
Analog Devices

Salesforce for Semiconductors

As consumer markets grow, outsourcing proliferates, and channel partner networks expand, the semiconductor business has become increasingly complex. Expressly designed for the unique needs of this industry, Salesforce for Semiconductors provides pipeline and demand visibility throughout the complex and lengthy semiconductor sales and revenue generation process. It is the only solution for direct sales and channel partners to effectively collaborate with its legendary ease of use and global access. Industry leaders Analog Devices and Qualcomm, along with other semiconductor companies large and small, rely on Salesforce for:

  • Streamlining their design-win process
  • Collaborating with partners and strengthening their loyalty
  • Forecasting with 100% accuracy and confidence
  • Harnessing the community to drive innovation

More design wins

Salesforce for Semiconductors helps you efficiently manage your entire design-win lifecycle, including tracking opportunities and design-win goals and approvals; collaborating with manufacturers, distributors, and partners; fulfilling sample and literature requests; handling projects, product inclusion, gaps, and configuration; tracking deal teams and product line teams; and generating quotes and product schedules.

Maximize channel revenue

Success requires close collaboration with a diverse array of partners, resellers, and distributed account teams. Salesforce for Semiconductors helps you efficiently manage your channel process from design registration and special pricing authorization to business development and MDF management. As an on-demand platform with native support for multiple languages and currencies, Salesforce for Semiconductors offers unparalleled access across the globe without investments in hardware and infrastructure.

Accurate, real-time forecast visibility

Salesforce for Semiconductors integrates with demand forecasting tools like Right90 and Steelwedge to provide industry-leading forecasting and analysis that flows seamlessly from the regular sales process of pipeline management. Executives and operations have timely access to up-to-date information that helps companies minimize fulfillment and inventory risks and maximize sales revenues. Integrated forecasting lets you drill down from roll-up to granular opportunity level for a closer look at the details behind the numbers.

Rapid global deployment and flexibility

By leveraging the power of the cloud platform, companies can rapidly deploy Salesforce for Semiconductors across the globe without any infrastructure worries. Application customization no longer requires massive implementation resources and upgrade risk. With native Web services, thousands of customers are creating integrations with everything from Google maps to mission-critical customer data in their SAP systems.

Community-driven innovation

Increased competition leads to shortened product life cycles and the need to drive more innovation, more quickly. Ideas communities address these problems by making it easy for critical consumer input to be solicited, contributed, and evaluated during and after the design phase, helping companies maintain product value and avoid commoditization.

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