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Marketing Cloud Engagement

Journey Orchestration

Look no further for the most powerful journey orchestration tool in marketing technology today. Journey Builder is the only tool that can connect all of your customer-facing touch points into one, branded experience that scales across the entire customer lifecycle.

What makes Marketing Cloud's Engagement solution the #1 tool for Journey Orchestration?

Marketing Cloud Engagement offers the most powerful customer journey orchestration software on the market today. With limitless scale, AI-powered decisioning, and lifecycle management -- marketers can build the best, integrated customer experiences seamlessly.

Journey Orchestration

Create and deploy personalised customer journeys that grow relationships at every step of the entire customer lifecycle — from acquisition to onboarding, retention, loyalty, and beyond.

Deliver customer journey orchestration effortlessly with a user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface. Seamlessly include messaging, content, triggers, A/B/n testing, and AI decision-making into a single workflow. Utilise a logic engine to customise workflows that seamlessly align with your tech ecosystem

Automate triggered experiences such as post-purchase or cross-selling by harnessing data from various sources or API events to initiate a series of messages, ensuring continuous engagement beyond the inbox. With a flexible infrastructure, seamlessly connect any entry source, event, or data from a CDP to act upon timely and relevant information in every journey.

Cross-CRM Engagement

Build connected journeys across marketing and sales, seamlessly integrating all your data directly with Sales Cloud. Incorporate seller messages from Distributed Marketing, contact or lead updates, task creation, custom object updates, and more, all from within the intuitive Journey Builder UI..

Leverage a single marketing platform to initiate service conversations, such as follow-up calls from the service centre based on customer survey results. Connect the experience between service and marketing teams with unified conversations on a single WhatsApp number.

Incorporate loyalty program invitations, tier promotions, and re-engagements for lapsed members. Recruit new customers by connecting Referral Marketing to Journey Builder, encouraging top loyalists to become brand advocates as they refer you to their network.

Digital Advertising

Enhance your customer acquisition and conversion campaigns by activating audience segments across digital advertising platforms. Create and refine audience segments within Google Analytics 4, seamlessly publish them to Marketing Cloud, and initiate journeys based on known web behaviour.

Expand your reach across platforms such as Google, Meta, Twitter, Snapchat, and others, utilising first-party customer data to refine targeting and messaging for more relevant advertising experiences. Ensure comprehensive coverage in your customers' digital journey, establishing a presence wherever they are looking for you, to outshine competitors.

Target customers who resemble your highest-value audiences while preventing fatigue by suppressing messaging to existing customers. Tailor ads or seamlessly integrate them into your existing journeys for enhanced effectiveness.

Cross-Channel Analytics

Analyse journey performance with built-in dashboards to improve your campaigns across email, mobile, and advertising. Use out-of-the-box reports to get insights on email deliverability, message engagement, and channel performance.

Generate customised reports tailored to your preferences, allowing you to organise and analyse data with ease. Utilise pivot tables to uncover patterns and discern trends effectively. Access timely and detailed insights by scheduling and downloading reports for seamless sharing.

Filter, sort, and group your data into sharable dashboards for your stakeholders. Use the Intelligence Reports feature to display email, push and journey campaign-level data.

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Journey Builder FAQ

Journey orchestration designs and manages end-to-end customer experiences across various touchpoints. It delivers personalised content based on behaviours and interactions throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Through journey orchestration, businesses create a seamless and consistent experience in every moment of customer engagement. The ultimate goal is to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and engagement.

Journey orchestration software helps marketers build and optimise personalised customer journeys across various touchpoints, ensuring a seamless experience. Through fast decision-making and automation, marketers can adapt engagement to customer behaviours in real time. On the other hand, a customer data platform (CDP) primarily focuses on collecting, unifying, and organising customer data from various sources to create a unified customer profile. While journey orchestration software builds a string of contextual interactions, a CDP serves as a centralised data hub, providing the necessary customer insights for effective personalisation across the entire customer journey.

Journey orchestration software helps marketers create seamless and personalised experiences across various touchpoints, providing customers with interactions more relevant to them. Businesses are able to respond to customers in real time. Through automated processes and real-time decision-making, marketers can improve operational efficiency and streamline the customer journey. Also, the software provides deeper insights into customer preferences and behaviours, so businesses can continually optimise and tailor their marketing to improve engagement and loyalty.

To choose the right journey orchestration platform for your business, start by defining your specific goals and understanding your customer's journey. Assess the platform's flexibility and scalability to accommodate your business growth and changing needs. Look for features that enable real-time decision-making, automation, and seamless integration with your existing tech stack. Finally, consider platforms with a user-friendly interface, strong customer support, and a proven track record in your industry to ensure successful implementation and optimisation of customer journeys.