trial FAQ

What is the trial?

The trial is a way for you to try out our platform-as-a-service offering free for 30 days.  

The trial includes the following:

  • Offline
  • 1GB data storage
  • API access
  • Chatter
  • code (Apex) and pages (Visualforce)
  • Full use of accounts and contacts
  • Read, create access to ideas
  • Membership in our Developer Force community
  • 20 licenses
  • 5,000 Chatter Free licenses 
  • 1 development sandbox
  • 1 site with up to 500,000 page views per month
  • 100 authenticated site users (via the platform portal)
  • Content
  • Visual Workflow
  • Mobile

How long is the trial?

30 days

Is the API turned on for the trial?

Yes. Developers have access to the SOAP web services and REST APIs.

Does the trial include advanced functionality such as code, pages, and sites?

Yes. The trial allows you to develop using code, pages, and sites. Development with code requires a sandbox development environment (included in your trial) so that you can build and test the code before deploying it in your production environment.

What applications can I run on

You can build and run any custom app for any department of your business. Or you can run 3rd-party packaged applications available on the AppExchange.

How do I access the developer site?

Use the same username and password to access Developer Force as you do to access your trial.

What if I need to extend my trial?

Contact Sales directly to request an extension. 

Can I add more users to my trial?

Yes. Please contact Sales directly to request additional users during your trial period.

How do I get a custom domain for the site that I'm building?

You need to upgrade to a paid subscription to use a custom domain name. This feature is not enabled for trials.

What is not included in the trial?

Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Jigsaw, and Remedyforce are not included in the trial.

Is the trial available internationally?

The trial is currently available in North America only. People outside of North America can sign up for the North American trial from the U.S. website. Rollout to other countries will occur shortly.

Can I deploy apps from the AppExchange in my trial?


How is the trial different from Developer Edition?

Developer Edition is a free personal development environment. It includes all products and preview features of future versions of the products. Every developer should have a Developer Edition account for personal development activities.

Unlike the trial, Developer Edition is not designed to deploy production applications. A Developer Edition account cannot be converted to a production account.

The trial is a free account that expires in 30 days if you do not convert to a paid subscription. Trial Developer Edition
App development/deployment development Yes Yes deployment Yes No
Upgradeable? Yes No
Products and features included    
Sales Cloud No Yes
Service Cloud No Yes
Jigsaw No Yes
Mobile platform Yes Yes
Customer portal No Yes
Partner portal No Yes
Developer Preview features No Yes
Capacity limits    
Users 20 2
Storage 1GB 2MB
Developer sandbox 1 NA