Introducing Salesforce Platform Lightning


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Build modern apps, lightning fast.

Meet the growing demand for apps with App Cloud Lightning — the fastest way to build connected, scalable, secure apps that connect you to your customers in new ways. Now anybody can create rich, engaging apps that deliver a beautiful user experience on any screen.


Lightning Components

Keep up with the demand for apps and quickly scale development with Lightning Components, the building blocks for apps that use standard Web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. With client-side rendering, apps load faster and are ready for any screen — from desktop to tablet to mobile — and Lightning Components are reusable, saving you development time and resources.

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Lightning Exchange

Get all the prebuilt components you need in one place. Lightning Exchange is a new store within the AppExchange that’s dedicated to Lightning Components built by partners and by our internal developers through Salesforce Labs. Lightning Components are interoperable out of the box and can be shared easily with packaging, saving you development, debugging, and maintenance time.

Lightning App Builder

Instead of building applications from scratch, what if you could deploy a drag-and-drop library of easily configurable components? Lightning App Builder lets you easily assemble components into customised pages and responsive apps for any screen by simply dragging and dropping components onto the page and configuring the properties.

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Lightning Design System

Save development time and easily create modern, consistent apps with a collection of design patterns, components, and enterprise UX best practices. Develop apps that are seamlessly unified with the Salesforce user experience. Keep an updated look across Salesforce releases by simply updating Design Tokens to roll out the new styles without manually updating code.

Lightning Community Builder and Templates

Quickly build a custom community with a seamless, branded experience with Lightning Community Builder and Templates. Drag and drop custom and third-party Lightning Components to create a mobile-optimised experience. Single sign-on and identity enable rapid setup and streamlined access to multiple communities.


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Learn how to build an app in 20 minutes.

See how you and your IT teams can use Lightning Components and Lightning App Builder to enable anyone in your business to build apps today.


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