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Salesforce Sandboxes

Designed for admins and developers, Salesforce Sandboxes replicates the production environment for quick and safe changes, avoiding live data impact. Multiple Salesforce Sandboxes will speed up your collaborative development and reduce your IT costs by 25% with a risk-free testing and building environment to avoid downtime.

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What can you do with Salesforce Sandboxes?

Plan, build, test, release, and observe new features 30% faster without affecting your live data. Keep your Salesforce CRM up to date and productive.

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Plan and build.

Build new features or updates swiftly in a secure environment, eliminating concerns about disrupting the business operations. Admins and developers can start small with Developer or Developer Pro Sandbox and use it to build new applications or automation processes. You also can use Scratch Orgs for parallel development and automated unit test processes.

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To mitigate downtime and errors, conduct thorough testing. Admins can use either Partial or Full Copy Sandbox to ensure the functionality and quality of the implemented features or settings with real data. Additionally, verify user accessibility to new features through user acceptance test and user training.

Full product page showing that it includes Configuration, Apex & Metadata, All Users, Records, Sandbox Template Support, and History & Chatter Data. The release and observe phase is highlighted. Desert mountains and a blue bird flying overhead.

Release and observe.

Upon completing all tests, release the features or settings to the production environment and commence their utilisation for business growth. Remember, ongoing observation and support for the released elements are crucial. Equip admins with Full Sandbox, a complete replica of production, to identify and address issues without impacting business operations in case of any complications.

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Sandbox development environment is a replica of the production environment where you can plan, build, test, and deploy new features or settings.

It will reduce IT cost and speed up keeping your Salesforce up to date by building and testing outside of the production environment. This will decrease the risk of breaking the production environment.

Yes. Doing a test or making any changes in your production environment is high risk. You need to consider using sandboxes to prevent from breaking the production environment and stopping your business whenever you need to make changes.

Reducing the risk of breaking the production environment which will lower the IT cost. It will also speed up the development process to keep the application up to date and meet user's needs.

We have several options where you can choose based on your needs of activity you want to do on sandbox environments.

We have several options. Please see the pricing above.