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Account-Based Marketing

Grow revenue and relationships with an ABM platform built directly into your CRM. Align teams, drive growth, and deliver personalised customer journeys at scale with AI.

What can you do with an ABM platform?

Attract high-value accounts and convert the best leads with personalised journeys.

Account-based Marketing on the world’s #1 CRM.

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Increase efficiency by aligning all revenue teams on one platform.

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Unify buyer and account data to define your account targets and engage key personas.

Data graphs for account and buyer engagement.

Personalise every engagement with AI across marketing and sales to close deals faster.

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Measure and optimise your business with account analytics to increase customer lifetime value.

Account analytics dashboard.
Einstein standing with outstretched arms in front of data for key accounts.
Data graphs for account and buyer engagement.
Customer journey schematic.
Account analytics dashboard.

Sell faster, smarter, and efficiently with AI, data, and the #1 CRM for sales.

Sales Cloud

Easily manage and automatically sync your sales team's emails and engagement activities on a single platform for a complete view of your customer.

Sales activity management dashboard.

Tailor and guide sellers through your business process. Gather complete data, seamlessly manage your relationships, and take action.

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Manage and maintain your forecast and pipeline all in your CRM. Improve forecast accuracy, track key metrics, de-risk deals with AI-driven insights, and more.

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Build your processes with drag-and-drop simplicity. Automate complex sales processes, manage and maintain territory assignments, and more.

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Sales activity management dashboard.
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Image of pipeline management dashboard.
Image of workflow and process dashboard.

Get the most out of your ABM platform with thousands of partner apps and experts.

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Account-Based Marketing FAQ

Account-based marketing (ABM) platforms help execute marketing strategies that are focused on targeting and engaging specific high-value accounts. It requires close collaboration between marketing and sales teams to deliver tailored content and experiences to key decision-makers within those accounts – aiming to build stronger relationships and drive revenue growth. You can start executing your ABM strategy with a sales CRM and marketing automation platform that is natively integrated to it.

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Using an account-based marketing (ABM) platform or a marketing automation platform that aligns revenue teams (marketing, sales, and service) together offers several benefits. It aligns marketing and sales efforts, enhances customer engagement with personalised engagement, and drives revenue growth.

Account-based marketing (ABM) software provides a centralised platform to execute and manage strategies focused on key accounts by:
1) Getting a single view of the account across your revenue teams with an integrated CRM and marketing automation platform
2) Orchestrating personalised engagements (digital and human) at scale
3) Extending the platform capabilities with niche ABM vendors

Account-based marketing software helps align internal revenue teams (Marketing, Sales and Service). It boosts revenue by targeting key accounts, enhancing customer engagement, improving ROI through analytics, streamlining campaign execution, and providing valuable customer insights.

Aligning your revenue teams (marketing, sales, and service) is critical for the execution of an account-based marketing strategy. Setting a strong foundation with a marketing automation platform that has a native integration with sales CRM is critical. Other things to consider are vendor reputation, scalability, ease of use, time to value, support, pricing, and future roadmap alignment.

The benefit of using a platform for ABM strategy is to align marketing and sales to grow account relationships. It does that by:
1) Identifying key accounts to target
2) Personalising interactions (digital and human) across all the buyers in that account at scale
3) Delivering connected experiences to close larger deals
4) Growing customer relationships to increase customer lifetime value