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Data Cloud for Marketing

Activate your customer data with Data Cloud for Marketing, powered by the #1 CRM. Scale insights with AI, unify data into a single profile, and power unparalleled customer success.

What can you do with Data Cloud for Marketing?

Unlock the power of your data to maximise customer satisfaction, team productivity, and efficient growth.

Connect data from any source.

Connect first-party customer data using prebuilt integrations. Bring together data from across your entire business, including all Salesforce products, web and mobile applications, cloud storage solutions like Amazon, Azure, and Google, and other external systems via MuleSoft. Eliminate data pipeline management and move faster with native connectors that help you bring together all of your data across the customer relationship from inside and outside of Salesforce.

Establish bidirectional, real-time data access between Salesforce and other data platforms, including Snowflake, Google BigQuery, Amazon, and more, all without the cost and complexity of extracting and moving the data between systems. Retrieve and manipulate data from external sources using Data Virtualization, regardless of its physical location. Build a more actionable single-customer view for profile enrichment and better segmentation — all while maintaining data governance and trust.

Customer data from different systems is rarely standardized — creating limitations on unification, segmentation, and activation. Use a standardized data model to provide a framework for the exchange and usage of data from incoming data streams. Leverage a click-and-drag interface to map fields to the data model, define the different relationships between applications and source systems, and unlock more actionable data.

Unify millions of records and resolve duplicate identities to produce a single, complete view of every customer. Use exact or fuzzy Match Rules to define the conditions that link records together and Reconciliation Rules to specify which data points are the most valuable to your unified customer profiles. Build and test multiple identity resolution rulesets to determine which are the most impactful for your business, and which are the most effective across various marketing use cases.

Engage smarter with dynamic segments.

Simplify segmentation and launch campaigns faster with an efficient, drag-and-drop interface. Access all of your data in one place — including customer profile information and AI-powered insights, like propensity and lifetime value scores — to define high-value audience segments for any use case. And coming soon, experience the next evolution of ease of use, with AI-powered segment creation. Using natural language prompts, simply describe your audience needs and let Data Cloud and generative AI do the rest.

Expand the reach of your campaigns quickly, using Einstein to identify new target audiences that are most similar to your known, high-value segments. Use lookalike segments to engage customers with only the most relevant communications on preferred channels, cutting down wasted spend.

Activate audiences across your marketing, sales, service, commerce, and other channels to power connected customer journeys. Leverage profile data to personalize messaging and content across all of your experiences. Activate and enrich advertising segments across the walled gardens or through extensive AppExchange partners. And trigger automated workflows that enrich existing CRM data to improve the service and sales experience.

Build personalized advertising campaigns by activating first-party audience segments across the digital ad ecosystem. Leverage direct audience matching via Google, Meta, and Amazon — or use AppExchange partner integrations like The Trade Desk to enhance programmatic media buys with first-party audience targeting. Optimize segments with customer and partner data to improve targeting, reduce overspending through real-time suppression, and deliver highly targeted advertising experiences.

Maximise relevance with automated insights.

Empower your team with actionable customer insights using an accessible, low-code process. Use out-of-the-box insights, or create net-new metrics, calculations, or statistical functions, using your unified customer data within Data Cloud. Embed these new insights into your segmentation and activation strategies for more relevant and timely personalization.

Easily build, train, and deploy your custom models using common data science solutions like Amazon SageMaker and Google Vertex AI — all without having to copy any data. Leverage product interest scoring, propensity to churn, and customer lifetime value for more enriched customer profiles.

Explore and interact with your customer data directly within Data Cloud, with profile and segment insights available to help inform decision-making about your marketing efforts. Use out-of-the-box connectors and prebuilt visualizations to understand segment performance across your top activation channels, including paid media return on ad spend (ROAS) with Segment Intelligence for Data Cloud or native integrations with Tableau and Marketing Cloud Intelligence to better understand the impact of your marketing on your business goals.

Get the most out of Data Cloud for Marketing with partner apps and experts.

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Data Cloud for Marketing FAQ

Data Cloud is the real-time platform for customer magic. By harmonising data that’s updated every millisecond, your teams can meet your customers like never before.

Learn more

Data Cloud is an evolution of our customer data platform (CDP) product, and transcends traditional marketing use cases by funnelling a nearly infinite amount of dynamic data to the Customer 360 in real time.

Data Cloud connects, unifies, and activates data to power experiences across the entire customer journey, from marketing to sales, service, commerce, and more.

Data Cloud closes gaps stemming from fragmented data and experiences, helps teams navigate privacy changes and the cookieless future, and boosts productivity through actionable insights and automated engagement.