Make better, faster decisions on a complete, AI-driven analytics platform.


Create intelligent experiences for your entire company with cutting-edge augmented analytics.


Data Management


Get data management tools that connect and clean all kinds of data.

Out-of-the-box connectors

Self-contained ETL functionality

Visual data prep

Scalable, built-in data mart

Bring in data from any source


No-Code AI


Get predictions, recommendations, and more using transparent, no-code AI.

One-click storytelling and automated discovery

Real-time recommendations

Narrative explanations and natural language generation

Predictive and prescriptive analytics

Model transparency


Discovery & Analytics Studio


Build AI-powered apps from scratch – or with prebuilt templates.

App framework

App designer

Explorer and NLQ

Prebuilt templates


Intelligent experiences


Engage, collaborate, and act on insights with intelligent analytics.

Proactive alerts and notifications

Action framework

Embedded in business apps

Integrated with workflow automation tools

Test drive dashboards and explore real datasets in this guided tour.

To see how Einstein Analytics can help you more efficiently track and manage your team, test drive a few dashboards, and explore real datasets.