See how you can import, blend, and explore data from internal Salesforce orgs and external sources across industries on the Einstein Analytics Platform. Watch our video playlists.
Bring in and blend data from all your Salesforce orgs, as well as external sources, like Amazon Redshift. Data prep tools allow you to easily manipulate and clean the data, and the visual dataflow designer simplifies the entire process, eliminating the need for JSON.
Create unlimited analytics applications that are endlessly customisable, so you can see the data that you need to make better business decisions.
Einstein Analytics is API-first. Use the Analytics Web SDK to extend functionality across Salesforce Lightning or any third-party website.
Use the same role hierarchy settings from your other Salesforce CRM products, with sharing and provisioning from Einstein Analytics. And with Analytics Encryption at Rest, you can ensure the same multilayered security as all Salesforce products, which maintains data integrity.
Test drive Einstein Analytics and explore real datasets.