See what Customer 360 can do for marketers.

Discover Salesforce’s united data platform for customer insights and engagement.
See how Customer 360 can help power your data-driven marketing strategy.

Inspire more meaningful journeys based on data, and build deeper customer relationships. See how.


Manage your data with a scalable profile store.

Coming soon: Connect to data outside the Salesforce Platform to create insight-driven customer experiences.

Segment audiences more precisely.

Identify more precise audiences and send the right message to the exact right person — in the right moment.

Activate data across channels.

Use data from all channels to understand your customer’s behaviours and preferences, and then inspire engagement on the channel of their choice.

Get AI-powered insights.

Discover customer insights, automate decisioning, and analyse your data as you go with Einstein.

Access the Customer Resolution Engine.

Create and maintain complete data profiles to identify the same customer as they interact on different channels.

Unite your data with the world’s most innovative integration platform.

Connect enterprise data from any source, and create seamless experiences across every customer touchpoint.

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