Marketing Cloud Engagement

Build customer relationships with personalised marketing and customisable journeys.

Do more with your marketing in every moment.

See how Marketing Cloud Engagement powers meaningful customer journeys and personalised experiences across any channel.

Meet them on mobile.

Reach customers on their preferred mobile channels with personalised communication.

Engage them with email.

Improve engagement with targeted, scalable messaging and content — from triggers to promotions.

Give them compelling content.

Use your first-party data to activate personalised, targeted advertising across any channel and ad network.

Study these four successful customer journeys — all mapped out.


Deliver engaging journeys with simple tools.


Make every moment count.

Use customer data to predict preferences and automate messages for more relevant, efficient customer interactions.

Connect experiences with ease.

Build journeys with a user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface. Unify customer journeys under a single view.

Adapt to anything.

Adjust campaigns and journeys at the speed of your customer. Analyse campaign results and optimise performance.

See how brands build relationships every moment.


Make marketing engagement effective — and easy.


Create seamless customer journeys.

Win new customers and engage current ones with relevant, connected customer journeys.

Engage in the inbox and win subscribers.

Build and automate personalised email campaigns.

Keep in touch with your customers with mobile messaging.

Send relevant content to every customer’s preferred channel and device.
Turn engagement into a main event.
Reach new audiences and gain subscribers with intelligent, data-driven marketing across channels. Create compelling digital campaigns for every moment — from onboarding to announcements, recommendations, and beyond. Automate and optimise them in real time.
Accompany your customer’s financial journey at every step.
Engage across the entire customer, client, or member lifecycle in real time with personalised multichannel journeys. Capture key moments, like a customer’s first request for mortgage information or a client’s inquiry into your company’s policies.
Keep a pulse on your customers and patients.
Deliver the meaningful, personalised interactions that today’s patients and members expect. By delivering cohesive digital-first patient and member journeys across their preferred devices and channels, you can build trust, loyalty, and lifelong relationships with each patient and member.
Develop lasting customer relationships at every step.
Today’s consumers now require deeper understanding, more self-service tools, and consistent, personalised interactions at every touch point of your business. By delivering digital-first HCP and direct-to-consumer journeys across their consumers’ preferred devices and channels, you can build trusted relationships.
Deliver state-of-the-art marketing in the right moment.
Deliver marketing as cutting edge as the products you make. Captivate potential and existing customers with personalised messaging across channels and platforms. With advanced analytics, deep insights, and AI, you can optimise campaigns to deliver the right content at the right moment.
Assemble engaging customer journeys.
Build cohesive, personalised, digital-first touchpoints along every moment in the customer, dealer, and distributor journey. Engage customers and cultivate leads with relevant messaging, at the right time and with the right frequency for customers, consumers, and distribution channels for service updates, warranty renewals, and more.
Acquire and engage loyal customers.
As customers move into more digital channels, brands must harness a single view of their customers to consistently deliver cohesive, personalised experiences — creating moments that matter.

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The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Marketing Software Suites, Q2 2021



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