October 2016

How to get more from your B2B social marketing

For a long time, it was assumed that social media was a marketing tactic only appropriate for B2C companies and that it wasn’t relevant to B2B. Accounting software or manufacturing equipment content just didn’t seem to have a place in anyone’s Facebook feed. But in time, companies understood that business people didn’t switch off their social media between nine and five. So B2B social marketing became a thing.

What hasn’t worked

But the results weren’t always that impressive and focus was lost. “The business leader’s guide to becoming a social business” ebook has great advice for B2B organisations looking to get more from their social marketing and is packed with compelling case studies that illustrate strategies used and results achieved.

One way B2B businesses have failed to get the most from their social marketing is to silo their social team and not integrate it into other parts of the business. Social media impacts so many parts of a business; from marketing, to PR, to customer service and even HR. Integrate your social team into all these areas and you will be able to derive so much more value from it.

Social media marketing efforts often don’t get much visibility in the C-Suite, and certainly no buy-in or sponsorship at that level. When something isn’t well supported at the executive level, it is unlikely to thrive. Having leaders in the businesses that understand, support and even use social media is much more likely to reap rewards. Invest time in educating executives in the business on your social media marketing strategy and how they can get involved by becoming thought leaders for your brand on social. Show them examples of other businesses that are doing this well and the benefits for them in growing their social networks and being seen as industry experts.

Measurement is usually another reason why social media marketing efforts under perform. When something isn’t measured, you can’t set benchmarks for improvement. Without effective measurement tools, metrics and report analysis it is impossible to tell what is working, what isn’t and why. Establishing disciplines around this is crucial to getting results.

How to ramp it up and get results

Three areas you can invest in to get more from your social marketing are:

1. Listening - By listening to the social conversations of your target market - your customers and prospects - you can learn so much about what they think, what they are looking for and what they are interested in. This not only informs your social marketing content, but also serves product development and sale forecasting. You can also listen to the conversations your competitors are having on social so you don’t miss a beat in the industry. It is worth investing in sophisticated technology to do this and training the team on how to action the findings from any insights. You won’t regret it.

2. Engagement - It is a common mistake to post content on social media channels and then forget about it. But the real value in social media content is in how it is engaged by your customers. The opportunity to have conversations with your customers is enormous and by engaging your customers on social media you can build brand loyalty.

3. Reputation - B2B customers place enormous importance on the opinion of their peers when making purchasing decisions. It is a crucial part of their due diligence. Social media is often where they research for that very reason. So you need to be watching what your customers are saying on social media. When it is negative, seek to address their concerns and help find a solution. When it is positive, make sure everyone hears! Your customers can be your greatest marketing advocates but you won’t know anything about it unless you are actively using social media marketing.

So if you aren’t getting enough bang for your social marketing buck, or haven’t even begun to explore what it can do for your business, download this important eBook to find out what an impact it can have and how to harness it.


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