November 2016

Salesforce for Marketing - How does it all fit together?

If you weren’t able to get to Dreamforce 2016, or if you were but need a refresh, make sure to catch up on all the keynotes online. For those working in digital marketing the “Salesforce for Marketing” keynote is particularly crucial. In it Chief Product Officer of the Marketing Cloud, Bryan Wade, explains Salesforce’s vision and how all the various product components and clouds fit together.

The vision for marketing that Salesforce sees is neatly summed up right at the start: “One platform for one connected experience.”

To set the scene, Bryan talks about the evolution of marketing: from broadcast marketing, to digital marketing and now to 1-to-1 marketing. While broadcast marketing allowed marketers to reach a huge audience, it was near-impossible to measure and judge ROI. With the advent of digital marketing, we can measure everything - and more importantly we can link every click to a sale. This in itself has been a huge transition for marketing, and its relationship for sales in how marketing can prove its worth.

But today’s revolution is in 1-to-1 - or personalised - marketing. Building customer journeys that are individualised for each and every customer. Every piece of content and interaction is designed in a unique way based on how each customer’s journey develops using predictive intelligence.

Bryan then explains how all the various components of the Customer Success Platform fit together to enable this vision:

  • The Advertising Studio - where you can “activate your CRM” for CRM-powered advertising
  • The Sales Cloud - where you can drive Sales Leads
  • Pardot - specifically for driving sales leads to your sales reps
  • The Commerce Cloud - (from Demandware - Salesforce’s biggest ever acquisition) where you can bring the online and offline experience together, and connect the web experience with the in-store experience
  • Lightning - where marketing can not only pay for the mobile app but actually build and customise it themselves
  • Social Studio - where marketers can listen, publish and analyse in social, and learn from every single word your customers say
  • Community Cloud - enable two-way conversations not just between your employees and your customers, but also between customers and other customers
  • The Marketing Cloud that brings everything together - enabling marketers to manage the total journey in one place - from social to email marketing to mobile to push notifications in the app

While some have made the leap to 1-to-1 marketing, many have not yet “crossed the chasm”. Bryan has some help for those who have not yet been able to do that by explaining how the “Three Pillars” of the Marketing Cloud come together:

  • Journey Management - Customer Journey Mapping
  • Artificial Intelligence - Predictive intelligence
  • Data Management - Data Management Platform

Bryan was able to make one of the big announcements of Dreamforce this year - the acquisition of Krux, which the CEO and co-founder of Krux, Tom Chavex, described as “the brain of the marketing cloud.”

Watch the full keynote now to see this vision being illustrated by a feast of live demonstrations and customer case studies to help you better understand how this all fits together.


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