August 2016

A Quick How-To Guide for Mobile Marketing Best Practice

So much of digital marketing is conducted on mobile devices today. So, this guide to being most effective using SMS, MMS, Push Notifications and mobile group messaging is essential reading. True to the subject matter, 25 solutions for mobile excellence are succinctly summarised in 160 characters or less. You can read the full list here.

Here is a summary of some the most salient tips in the list:

Opt-ins and Permissions are Essential The first rule of mobile is you must respect the fact that it is up close and personal; intimate even. Your customers will welcome you if you are able to provide value, but outreach can be invasive when it becomes unwelcome. You must honour permissions at all times, and you need to think creatively about how to secure opt-ins for mobile. Offering benefits to customers in exchange for their opt-in is important. Remember to seek for push notification opt-in also.

Be Mobile First
Because of the power of mobile marketing it pays to be mobile-first. Integrate mobile into your inbound marketing strategy and make sure that all the content you link to is on a mobile-optimized landing page or site. Also mobile-optimize every email, and target subscribers who open on a device specifically with mobile offers, to ensure they opt into your mobile program. It is worth investing into this effort because if done well, mobile can drive a high percentage of your revenue.

Mobile is Two-Way
Always remember that mobile is a two-way dialogue; you have the ability to engage your users in conversation. For instance, you can use SMS to update subscriber data: for example;“Text 1 for offers on beach resorts; 2 for winter destinations, 3 for wine country, etc.” You can use mobile marketing to get feedback from large groups of people following an event with a follow-up SMS simply asking subscribers to rate their experience on a scale of 1-10.

The intimacy of mobile marketing means that personalisation is essential wherever possible. You must use data to personalise your offers, sending 1-to-1 messages based on location, demographics, or preferences. Consider sending triggered messages, like new inventory notifications that align to subscriber preferences, or shipping notifications.

Location, Location, Location
More than any other channel, mobile marketing lets you engage with your customers where they are, and where they are tells you a lot about them. You can use “geofencing” and other location-based messages to drive greater engagement and be more relevant to your customers. You can also use location-based marketing to connect the physical with digital at your event, store, or even a stadium. Reach customers when they’re close to you by delivering location-based messages and offers when they’re within a specified range.

Internal Integration
When engaging customers in a personal, intimate space, you need to integrate well internally, so the left hand of your organisation always knows what the right hand is doing. It is essential that Marketing partner with Customer Service so you can be across any service issues a customer might be experiencing. But also, mobile alerts are a great way to reduce call centre volumes and costs. Link up with your social team and cross-promote your mobile subscription opportunities on social media channels on mobile.

Your brand should be clear in all of your digital marketing messages, and especially on mobile. Don’t assume subscribers will recognise your short code - they will react very quickly to what they see and won’t take time to closely examine your content, so make sure you are not abbreviating copy to the point that it becomes lost in translation. You must also stay true to your brand messaging and maintain a similar tone across all channels.

For a comprehensive how-to guide on how to achieve mobile marketing best practice, get the full list here at the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Blog, along with other quick reads.


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