October 2016

Four ways to take your email marketing to the next level

Isn’t email marketing dead? Absolutely not! In the most recent edition of the 2017 Salesforce State of Marketing Report, 79 per cent of marketers said email directly generated a return on investment - that’s up from only 54 per cent in 2015!

Why email marketing is alive and kicking

More and more businesses are recognising the true value of email marketing campaigns in the success of their business. Why is email having this kind of renaissance? The answer lies in these two statistics from the State of Marketing report:

  1. 88 per cent of marketers say that a customer journey strategy is critical to the success of their overall marketing.
  2. 84 per cent say that email marketing is an effective channel for creating a cohesive customer journey.

When it comes to marketing “Digital is king and customer experience is the crown jewel.”. Increasingly, digital marketers are finding that - when used effectively and in a systematic and sophisticated way - email marketing is a powerful tool in helping to drive rich customer experience.

That’s why we have developed this new eBook - “4 Email Practices of Marketing Masters” - to help you advance your email marketing to the next level. Packed with valuable data from the State of Marketing Report, the eBook lays out four key approaches to email that have yielded huge dividends for the most successful marketing teams.

When you’re involved in customer journey mapping, it pays to place email at the heart of it. This is a key success factor for 90 per cent of high-performing marketers who either agree or strongly agree that email is integrated into their overall marketing strategy.

Here are the four ways the eBook recommends you dial-up your email marketing campaigns:

1. Drive the customer experience with email

The first practice the eBook recommends is to drive the customer experience with email. Of those that have done so, 70 per cent believe this strategy has positively impacted revenue and a further 67 per cent believe there has been an increase in the customer satisfaction rate.

2. Personalise with predictive intelligence

Using data science to personalise your email marketing campaigns is incredibly powerful. Use your website and social analytics to learn more about your customer behaviour from who they are, to their preferred time and medium to engage and their likely future actions based on past actions. Then personalise your email marketing campaigns based on this information. Salesforce research found that high-performing marketing teams are 4.2 times more likely to use this approach when compared to under performing teams. That’s a pretty good clue to their secret of success!

3. Invest in more sophisticated ways to send

Going beyond simple or basic email marketing techniques can cost. But it’s a cost worth paying if the higher performing teams are anything to go by. Investing in more advanced techniques - like using real time events to trigger personalised emails - go a long way to delivering exponentially more impressive returns from your email marketing campaigns. Over the next 12 months those higher performing teams are 4 times more likely to increase their email marketing spending.

4. Keep responsive design in mind

If you believe in putting the customer first, then you should ensure responsive design - which is ensuring your content is mobile-friendly - is at the core of your email marketing strategy. Salesforce Research found that 76 per cent of marketers say that mobile opt-in is an effective or very effective campaign. There’s no end of research to support the idea that most customers open emails on a mobile device first. So make it work for them! That is why high performing teams are 3.8 times more likely than under performing teams to always send responsive design emails as part of their email marketing campaigns.

So what are you waiting for? Download this important eBook to understand how the highest performing marketing teams have advanced their email marketing campaigns.


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