September 2016

How to engage today’s shoppers in Australia

Want to know what today’s Australian shoppers want? Well, we asked 650 of them about every aspect of the modern shopping experience and detailed it all in a report called “The Salesforce Empowered Shopper Report.” If you have anything to do with retail in Australia - you need to read this report. It’s that simple.

The retail landscape is changing all the time right now. Big brands are getting disrupted by small players. Those players in turn get disrupted too. Meanwhile, the shoppers themselves are changing as they adopt new technologies, have new experiences and discover new innovations. The only effective way to find out what your customers really want is to ask them. So we asked some of them for you.

Our conclusion was that retailers that want to be successful must bolt their digital strategy firmly to their sales and service processes. Customers are incredibly savvy and understand not only what they want but also what is possible. They do not forgive brands that fail to deliver on what they know to be possible.

It is these expectations - or rather failure to meet them - that causes shoppers to switch brands. We identified those criteria by asking shoppers themselves. The result is a clear recipe for customer satisfaction - and therefore growth - but also a roadmap of the dangers of getting it wrong.

It is seamless experience that is central to the satisfied customer - in fact 66 per cent of the 650 said a seamless consistent experience across every interaction was critical to satisfaction. Shoppers today experience a brand through so many different touchpoints and channels. But, while the retailer isn’t always able to track shoppers from one channel to another, to the customer there is only one touchpoint. It doesn’t matter to them whether it is mobile or web or in-store. They expect you to know who they are wherever they interact with you and to maintain a consistent experience.

Within that experience we found there were some key demands that, if met, would win the empowered shopper over:

  • 79% expect you to maintain their privacy
  • The same number want immediate response to requests for help
  • 77% expect it to be easy to find the products they want
  • 77% also expect your salespeople to know what they are talking about
  • 73% expect customer service on tap, 24x7x365

It sounds like a monumental ask but actually, using technology and well designed processes, it isn’t all that hard - and the reward is well worth it.

But it’s equally as clear what turns your customers off and will send them to your competitor:

  1. 76% said a security breach
  2. 70% said a difficult sales process
  3. 66% said inconsistent levels of service
  4. 60% pointed to an inconsistent experience
  5. 58% expect social responsibility
  6. The same figure said they wanted to be seen as an individual and not just a number

There’s a wealth of other insights in the report as well; from the importance of providing a mobile sales experience and the continued relevance of email in customer communications, to the rise of data-driven personalisation. It also looks ahead to which emerging technology trends are likely to be most important to your strategy in the future.

So, if you want to do business with the modern Australian shopper, you need to read this report. Download it now and start building that seamless experience these empowered shoppers want.


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