December 2016

Awesome Career Advice for Excelling in today’s ever changing Marketing Landscape

Podcasts on the Salesforce Marketing Cloudcast often refer to the fact that “this is the most exciting time to be working in marketing.” There are so many great tools to help you engage with today’s always connected consumer. But at the same time the complexities also mean marketing is a good deal harder today too. With that in mind, this Salesforce Marketing Cloud Cloudcast Podcast on ‘8 ways to get ahead in your marketing career’ has some great tips for helping marketers plan their careers.

This edition of this weekly podcast looks in particular at “How do today’s marketers grapple with the changing complexities of modern marketing - and excel?” In fact it's the first time the Cloudcast crew - Joel Buck and Heike Young - have addressed career issues.

Their guest is Jesse Noyes, Senior Director of Marketing at Upserve, who has held a number of impressive marketing roles, including Director of Product Marketing and Inbound at Kahuna and VP of Product Marketing and Content at Kapost.

In particular, the team identify that whereas in previous years marketers tended to specialise in one field or another - such as direct marketing or online marketing - today’s marketers must be what Joel Buck describes as a “Swiss Army Knife” of marketing. Here are some of Jesse’s tips for navigating this complex and ever changing landscape:

1. Always be learning

Jesse observes that he always had a thirst for knowledge about the other realms of marketing that touch his field, but perhaps don’t affect his KPIs. So his advice is to always be learning. He describes himself as a “Student of Marketing” and doesn’t like to just hand off to other departments - for instance from content marketing to product marketing - but he has instead sought to understand every area that touches on his.

It doesn’t matter what age you are if you are curious.”

2. Get experience right across the Marketing Mix

Moving on from that point, Jesse advises that it is wise to navigate your career so every role touches a different area. This is the best time to be in marketing because the technology tools allow you to move up and down the marketing funnel quite easily and so it is relatively easy to change role. This way you have a far better understanding of the whole process and therefore become a far better marketer. Jesse is keen to stress that “It’s ok to change jobs several times in your career.”

3. Serve an audience you are excited about

It’s essential to be interested in the subject matter you will be immersed in and in the kind of people that you will be thinking about and talking to. This is critical to making an impact at work.

4. Talk to as many people as you can before accepting a role

Be thorough in your research before accepting a role. Talk to people right across the marketing spectrum - and up and down the command chain - before you commit to a role to be sure you are excited about the role and that you understand the challenges so you can identify the value you will bring. The key to happiness at work is working with people that interest you as well as with an audience that excites you. “Talk, talk, talk,” says Jesse.

5. Know the buyer - be the number one expert on the customer

This is important for two reasons. First it will ensure your views and opinions will be taken seriously within the organisation and second it will ensure that everything you do will actually be impactful. It will mean that you designed your channels and content and journeys with the customer in mind.

Another key piece of advice Jesse has for young marketers in particular is “throw yourself into whatever you are doing”. If you aren’t committed to what you are doing and have one foot out the door - that is not the way to advance. “you are only going to know if you like it if you throw yourself at it 100 per cent.” This will also of course ensure you have great references as you change jobs.

So make a start now and listen to this important and useful podcast to help turbo-boost your career.


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