December 2016

Four Tips for Growing your Email Subscriber List

Despite the many changes in the way marketing is done in recent years, email not only remains relevant - it is central to today’s best practice digital marketing campaign. But the challenge is to keep growing your subscriber base.

In the 2017 State of Marketing Report produced by Salesforce Research, nearly half of all marketers surveyed credited email marketing with a direct contribution to the bottom line.

Therefore, you can say that consensus in the marketing world is that email genuinely delivers ROI. But how do you ensure you continue to be successful?

Email is a numbers game

A key aspect of email marketing is growing the subscriber list. The more customers you can reach with your email marketing, the more you will likely “flip” into the sales pipeline.

Central to any strategy to grow your subscriber base is an effective landing page. This is where your subscriber growth succeeds or fails. It's worth reading these four landing page tips for winning subscriber growth:

  1. Simplicity: You can lose your potential new subscriber in the blink of an eye based on the initial impact of your landing page. The trick is to keep it simple. An obvious eye-catching headline. Simple and clear language. A clean and uncluttered page design that makes it obvious where the opt-in area is. All these critical elements ensure that the time-poor consumer understands quickly what the value proposition is and what the benefit of their subscription will be.
  2. Call to action: Continuing the “instant” theme, the call to action needs to be powerful, simple and obvious. This not only involves the value itself - which might be to subscribe to get “winning marketing advice every day”. But graphically as well, the landing page needs to scream next action - with a button. The button needs to be large, colourful and - [author] thinks - rectangular. But most important of all, have only one. Don’t confuse the visitor with lots of asks - “do this one thing, now!”
  3. Testimonials, Feedback, Statistics: The most effective way to make the case for subscribing is to share the experience of those who already do. If you can get testimonials from subscribers as to the value they get from your email subscription list, that can be very powerful. Celebrity or Influencer subscribers will also hugely help here. But also if you have list numbers that are impressive to share, or growth numbers, this will also help a powerful argument to be involved.
  4. Test, test and test again! You must test your landing page to see what you are doing right. Every time you experiment you need to measure the impact. Have a control and measure against it. Try different techniques and compare them. The best approach to this is A/B testing where you test one tactic against another and then split the most effective one. For instance - subscription button on the left of the page or the right; and depending on which is more successful - top or bottom of the page.

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