February 2017

Your Complete Guide to B2B Marketing

It’s that time of year again: planning time. Who knows what 2017 will bring, but one things for sure, your sales team will want more. More traffic. More leads. More pipeline. So much is changing about marketing today. The customer is fast adapting to new trends and technologies and the channels you use for marketing are changing all the time as well. But don’t panic, help is at hand! We’ve brought you this free, B2B Marketing Guide to help you plan your year and be a better marketer.

How to be a better marketer

When we say “comprehensive” guide, we’re not kidding either. This free eBook walks you through all the various components of a modern marketing strategy, but also includes worksheets and templates to help you put the theory into practice. It address all the challenges you are likely to encounter throughout the year and gets to grips with a variety of tactics and how to master them. Whether you are building a brand new marketing strategy from the ground up or just looking to fine-tune what you already have, you’ll find this free resource incredibly valuable:

  • Be better at lead generation. We show you how to generate high-quality leads with marketing automation features like landing pages, forms, and progressive profiling. Budget spend on lead generation has increased 50 per cent since 2013 and 68 per cent of B2B businesses now use landing pages to win leads. As well as a step-by-step guide to building your lead generation processes, this eBook also includes worksheets including a landing page template and checklist.
  • Be better at lead qualification. There’s helpful advice on how to distinguish between lead scoring and lead grading, and learn why you need both. It also includes worksheets to help you build your model for this very approach to modern marketing.
  • Be better at lead nurturing. 79 per cent of marketing leads never convert into sales, which is where lead nurturing comes in. This chapter will help you lay the groundwork for successful nurturing campaigns or improve the processes already in place.
  • Be better at email marketing. This essential marketing tactic, greatly rejuvenated by modern marketing automation, is critical to marketing success today. We show you how to build a successful email program from start to finish, and optimise your messages for the inbox. More templates and checklists will help you quickly become a master of the art and science of email marketing.
  • Be better at content marketing. This chapter shows you how to create and implement an effective strategy that promotes and tracks B2B marketing content. Worksheets in this chapter help you plan your content schedule, plot your customer personae and promote your blogs.
  • Be better at webinars and events. Make your B2B marketing event dollars count with this chapter, which includes really helpful checklists for live events and webinars - as well as templates for promoting the events on social media.
  • Be better at social media. Beginning with how to design a strategy, this chapter shows you how to build a following, set goals, plan your content, assess your competitors and most importantly track your success.
  • Be better at ROI reporting. If you don’t know what is working, how do you know what to do more of or less of? So in this chapter you can get a quick overview of closed-loop reporting and a list of valuable ROI metrics to track.

Download the B2B Marketing Guide for free today for all the information you need to be a high performing marketer.


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