August 2016

Your 6-Point Checklist for Better Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Influencer marketing is one of the most challenging areas in social media marketing. Too often expectations aren’t met and targets aren’t hit. Agencies sometimes promise more than they can deliver and the outcome can be damaging to your internal brand when results don’t meet the standards set up front. This excellent guide at Ad Age on best practice Influencer Marketing provides you with six rules of thumb that will ensure your Social Media campaigns stay on track and deliver return on investment.

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Rob Gregory is president of sales and marketing at WhoSay, a celebrity and influencer content marketing company. His close understanding of what constitutes a successful influencer marketing campaign means this article is an essential how-to for success in this field.

Paid Tweets - the early day cornerstone of this tactic - are now five or six years old and Rob says the field has matured and developed to become a mainstay of modern marketing. In the intervening years he has seen all the disasters and horror stories, and he can list several of them. He has developed a simple model for avoiding these problems, outlining the following model:

  1. Target professionals - in any social media marketing segment there are people who operate in a professional way and those who don’t. Understand the difference and focus your energies on the right ones.
  2. Content quality - Rob has a simple checklist to ensure content quality to keep the consumer interested: “UFIRE: useful, funny, inspiring, relatable, or emotional” Rob advises always signaling at least one of these right at the outset of any piece of content.
  3. Promote your content - You have to drive traffic to your content or the budget spent on achieving it is wasted. But - Rob contends - no one watches content on “Owned Platforms” anymore, you need a social media strategy that presents the content - via Facebook ads and Twitter ads - on channels where your targeted user spends their time.
  4. Focus on target influencers - a huge mistake is to become distracted by investing energies in high profile influencers with huge followings when your target audience is actually better engaged with lower profile influencers. Don’t be dazzled by the big stars!
  5. Consolidate vendors - As the media mix extends, too many marketers have a over-complex vendor mix. Try to look for horizontal vendors that can deliver across multiple media formats to save yourself time and to keep your social marketing consistent.
  6. Compliance - ensure you are always compliant with rules and regulations and be transparent about what content is paid or sponsored.

So before you plan your next Influencer Marketing Campaign, read Rob in his own words on how you can integrate this powerful tactic into your social media marketing.


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