September 2016

The Four Pillars of Effective Mobile Engagement

If you aren’t getting mobile right, your marketing is most likely going to fail. That’s the confronting reality addressed by this invaluable resource.

Evidence confirms that the vast majority of marketing content is consumed on a mobile device, however marketers compete with so many other brands for very limited attention. Find out about the 4 essential pillars to your mobile marketing strategy.

Above all, you need to think about creating “moments” in the day of your customer that are memorable and inspire emotion and action. With this at the heart of your creativity, you’ll start to design mobile campaigns your customers will interact with, instead of flat-out ignore.

That’s why this resource is key. It is founded on four essential pillars that your strategy must address:

  1. Acquire: Customers these days are in charge. Generally they’ll tell you when they want to hear from you. They might be researching a new purchase or simply expressing themselves on social media. This is your chance to create a “moment” that grabs their attention. The MIF suggests lots of ways you can do this, but above all you need to recognise that your customers still see the mobile as a very personal space. You need to be respectful of that, to the point and valuable in what you offer. Only that way will you get that critical OPT IN.
  2. Onboard: Even when you’ve secured that opt in, you don’t want to wear out the welcome mat. Tread carefully! This next step should help your new subscriber get to know you better and allow you to take them on a journey. But, this requires building trust. The MIF helps you craft this journey with useful tips on how to speak directly to their behaviours, preferences and history with your brand.
  3. Engage: Already by now you’ve created a valuable asset. A customer engaged via mobile is far more engaged than through any other channel. For instance, mobile coupons are redeemed 10 per cent of the time versus only one per cent via other more traditional channels. But how do you deepen the relationship? The MIF outlines useful recommendations for using notifications to engage your users, to ensure your brand remains relevant. At this stage in the relationship, vouchers and coupons are usually very effective - especially when used in a timely fashion.
  4. Retain: By now you should see your subscribers engage with your brand on a regular basis - either responding to messages, redeeming vouchers and coupons or visiting your web site. This means they are deep inside your marketing funnel, which is excellent. But, how do you continue to retain them as customers? Critical here is using the data you are building up about them to better understand what they need and what they typically respond to. Personalisation is so important to success at this stage. This is where your mobile marketing really reaches its most sophisticated level. “Batch and blast” simply doesn’t work, says MIF.

Mobile is a two way street. In order for you to be relevant, you must learn increasingly more about your subscribers. And, in order for you to learn from them you must keep them engaged so they want to interact with you. It’s a delicate process but one that, if successful, can reap huge rewards in terms of both sales and customer satisfaction.

Download The Four Pillars of Effective Mobile engagement now and take your mobile marketing to the next level.


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