December 2016

The only Social Media “How To” Guide you’ll ever need!

It’s nearly ten years since social media exploded onto the marketing scene and changed the way marketers engaged customers forever. But some organisations are still trying to get to grips with how it works and what value it can bring. This Best Practice Guide will help anyone looking for tips on how to ace their social media marketing.

The social media maze

Whatever you struggle with as an organisation when it comes to social media - help is at hand. Salesforce has produced this invaluable “50 Social Media Best Practices” eBook to guide you right the way through the social media maze and ensure you have all the ideas you need to attack it and become a social media trailblazer.

The eBook is divided into five main sections that cover social media listening, otherwise known as monitoring; engagement; publishing; advertising and measurement. Each section lists out ten best practices designed to take you from zero to hero in how you succeed in your social media marketing efforts. Here is a taste of what you can expect:

The podcast highlights three important predictions about the future of marketing:

  1. Listening: This is the obvious starting point for any organisation in their approach to social media. How can you join in the conversation unless you know what it is about? Here are a few of the recommendations relating to your listening or monitoring effort:
    • Make sure you engage the ENTIRE organisation in the listening effort.
    • Be sure to monitor the obvious channels like LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter and include blogs, Reddit, Instagram to make sure you are on to of every conversation about your brand.
    • Produce and distribute listening reports to inform not just marketing but every aspect of the organisation’s approach to the end user.
    • Create a crisis management plan so it is clear what conversations need to be escalated and to who.
  2. Engagement: Having a conversation with your customer on social media is one of the most powerful and effective ways to use social technologies to advance your marketing effort. Here are a few tips to succeed:
    • Know when to hold back - don’t always feel you have to jump in.
    • Respond to the negative, not just the positive, mentions.
    • Be transparent and inclusive.
    • Determine a corporate tone everyone can agree on.
  3. Publishing: As well as powerful engagement techniques, social media provides an incredible platform for publishing corporate content that can create awareness of the brand and educate about your products or services. Here are some of the ways to get that right:
    • Not all networks are equal, try to resist the urge to broadcast the same content across all networks but treat them all differently.
    • Make it easy for your customers to share your content.
    • Make sure your content works well on mobile - that’s where most of social media consumption takes place.
    • Recycle and repurpose old content to get the most value from it.
  4. Advertising: Alongside your engagement and content strategy, you need an advertising strategy too. For some networks, it can be hard to get your organic content to travel as far as you’d like. So support it with advertising too. Here are some of the ways that can work:
    • Begin with goals.
    • Set your social advertising in the context of other advertising programs.
    • Use an automated platform to get the most bang from your dollar and to achieve the widest reach.
    • Test, test and test again.
  5. Measurement: You have to carefully track how successful you are being in your efforts to make sure you are using the right tactics and reaching the right audience. The eBook has some great advice about how to make this work for you:
    • Align your metrics and your objectives.
    • Pick a goal - something specific you want to achieve.
    • Bring all your data together in one easy dashboard where you can easily get a sense of your success at a glance.
    • Be agile and be prepared to pivot your strategy depending on what you are learning.

For these and so many more nuggets of wisdom, download the “50 Social Media Best Practices” eBook now and take your social media to the next level.


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