September 2016

2016 State of Marketing Report - powerful insight at your fingertips

If you genuinely want to see into the future of marketing, read the Salesforce Marketing Cloud State of Marketing Report. In the third iteration of this annual survey, this report queries nearly 4,000 marketing leaders from across the world to get their view of where they see marketing heading.

Right from the foreword it gets rights to the heart of the matter - which is customer experience. The way a customer interacts with your brand has always been important. But in the past, each customer’s needs and desires were unique. How does a brand cater for this rich tapestry of wants? Now we have powerful digital platforms to help us manage the level of personalisation needed to keep up with the customer.

In summary, today’s brands must focus everything the organisation does on personalising each customer’s journey through all touch-points. Marketing should own this mission, and in doing so become central to every organisation’s success.

The report not only looks at the views of these marketing leaders. It also examines what the most successful marketing teams are doing to achieve that success. Finally, the report details some key insights into the primary digital marketing channels, so that you can have access to the knowledge you need to win.

Of the 4,000 interviewed, more than 700 (18 per cent) are in the Asia Pacific region. But the 70 page report also contains country profiles that include Australia and Japan.

Within the comprehensive report, produced by Salesforce Research, you’ll learn how mobile has reached a tipping point to become the most powerful tool in your toolkit. Mobile app usage has grown 98 per cent since 2015 and SMS usage a staggering 111 per cent. There are detailed insights into how you can employ mobile most effectively in your customer outreach.

The importance of integrated marketing is equally prominent in this report. Teams with an integrated, cross-channel approach are most likely to succeed. But integration isn’t the only key ingredient to a successful recipe. Alignment with business leadership is also mission critical. Buy-in from company leaders emerges as a common theme among leading performers - 83 per cent versus only 31 per cent of under-performers.

In 2015 we learned that three out of the top five areas that marketers planned to increase investment in was social media - and that investment has paid off. A compelling 75 per cent of marketers now believe their social media efforts are generating ROI.

In terms of social, a key trend that emerges in the report is that top performers are increasing their advertising on social platforms in 2016. In fact it’s the third largest area for investment this year, with 80 per cent planning to up their game in that space. For ultimate targeting success, 83 per cent of the top teams are using customer data for better customer segmentation.

The wealth of detail included in this report makes it an invaluable document for honing your digital marketing strategy in 2016 and beyond. The extensive appendix and country profile breakdowns slice and dice the data every which way to give you a 360 degree view. There’s also immediately actionable tips on how to raise your game today so your team too can become a top performing team in 2017. Advice and insights extend to social listening, mobile best practice, content marketing, customer service execution, data science and how to design the most effective email campaigns.

So don’t be without this report as you plan your next quarter, month, or even week. Download the State of Marketing today.


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