September 2016

Tips for Email Marketers to Make a Lasting Impression

There can be no doubt that one of the greatest challenges in digital marketing is to craft cold lead email campaigns that cut through the noise. First impressions matter and if you strike the wrong chord you may have lost them forever. But if you strike the right chord you can create love at first sight!

For retailers, used correctly, email marketing is an essential way of bringing new customers into the marketing funnel and creating new leads to nurture into paying customers. But, if that first outreach doesn’t make a lasting impression, the bridge is burned.

So this Campaigner Infographic crammed with handy tips for making powerful first impressions with your emails is worth printing out and pinning up on your cubicle wall.

If you don’t feel you’re making the right impact, you're not alone. 60 per cent of your colleagues feel the same way - according to a survey conducted by Campaigner, email marketing services provider.

But help is at hand. The Infographic recommends:

  1. A warm welcome. Be welcoming with your first email - explain what your emails will provide, invite feedback and try and engage in conversation. Tone is key here - adopt a friendly tone that suits your brand.
  2. Gratitude. By including two little words - “thank you” - into first email content, you’re certain to break the ice.
  3. Strike while the iron is hot. You also need to refine your processes so you can engage your new subscribers within 24 hours of their first contact. This helps you to be memorable and helps your brand stay front of mind.
  4. Open up a dialogue. More than half of retailers say less than 20 per cent of new subscribers engage with their first message. The infographic recommends a poll to gauge what their preferences might be. That’ll should get a response but will also help you craft content that resonates.
  5. Be relevant, and get personal. Too many emails don’t even make it to the inbox and die a regrettable death in the spam folder. Use personalisation tools and past purchase data to help make your emails as relevant as possible and ensure continued engagement.
  6. Timing is everything. Pick your time of day to make sure you reach your customer when they are most susceptible. The infographic recommends before 2pm and ideally in the morning.

Of course the science of successful email marketing goes far beyond these six simple tips. But these are essential rules of thumb to guide you in those first steps to increasing your customer engagement.

Download the infographic now and let it to be your guide to wooing your customers with awesome first impressions.


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