The Internet of Things isn’t just about connecting devices, it’s about connecting you to your customers in realtime across the products they use every day.
  • Connect devices and apps to CRM
  • Automate smart actions
  • Capture, filter, and respond to billions of events
Spot real business opportunities based on actual users and usage. Link IoT device data with customer context to create more engaging experiences across all of your connected products.
Create IoT programs using our intuitive UI based on business logic, not code. Easily set up IoT orchestrations, test engagement models, and iterate quickly.
Sell, service, and market to your customers with more insight and relevance. Get the whole picture by connecting all your IoT data across all of Salesforce.
With myIoT, business users can build rules-based automation for any connected device with just a few clicks. Now almost anyone can create cutting-edge IoT processes without hiring a team of developers.
Devices alone won't tell you which action to take when engaging with customers. But when you connect that input with customer data in Salesforce, you gain new insight into behaviour and preferences, allowing you to deliver the right service at the right moment.
Sell, service, and market proactively by building automated workflows that trigger actions based on data from devices, sensors, and applications. It’s all integrated with the Salesforce Platform, so you can easily create new, more intelligent experiences to boost customer engagement.
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