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Quickly gain pipeline visibility, track team performance, and uncover opportunities to grow the business. And use Einstein Discovery to surface hidden insights and get intelligent recommendations so you can sell faster and smarter.

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Collaborate with your team, create tasks, and update Sales Cloud records right from your Sales Analytics dashboard. Identify new opportunities and trends without hunting through disconnected spreadsheets or fragmented tools. 

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Wave App for Sales comes with Accelerator Templates that deliver vivid sales dashboards to every sales manager, on any device. Personalise the templates to the specific needs of your organisation, and get the right insights at the right time.


Deliver AI-powered data science to every Salesforce user.

Find hidden connections between complex and disparate datasets with Einstein Discovery. Know exactly where to drill down and why. Einstein will uncover underlying reasons behind data patterns, predict what’s trending next, and provide intelligent recommendations on what actions to take.

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Explore data, spot trends, and access a full view of key performance indicators, no matter where you and your team are working. Sales Analytics is designed mobile-first and optimised for tablets, phones, and watches.

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See how companies of all sizes can use Salesforce to drive success on every deal, every day. This interactive tour guides you through the different capabilities of the world’s #1 CRM app today.