Scale service faster with AI + Data + CRM.

Scale service faster with AI + Data + CRM.

Grow lifelong customers from the contact centre to the field with the #1 CRM for Service. Personalise every interaction with built-in AI and real-time data.

Reduce costs and drive efficiency with Service Cloud.


Scale every service process with automation.

Automate processes and empower teams to do more with less.

Personalise every engagement with AI.

Unify your data to humanise intelligent interactions and drive loyalty.

Connect service across channels in real time with Data Cloud.

Make your customers’ lives easier with connected experiences, from digital to the field.


What can Service Cloud do for you?

See how much you can save by delivering faster, more personalised service with automation and AI.

Find success now with tools you need to scale your business.


Case Management

Create efficiency in high touch service centres. Empower agents to solve cases 30% faster.*


Scale your service with automation and increase productivity with AI-powered workflows.


Lower case volume by 30%* by helping customers find critical answers quickly on their own.

Field Service

Deliver efficient field service operations and cut costs with mobile apps and scheduling.

Digital Engagement

Deliver personalised service at scale with AI-powered chatbots to lower costs across every channel.


Solve cases faster. Instantly connect the right people and information at the right time with Slack.
*2022 Salesforce Success Metrics Global Highlights. A 2022 study based on 3,706 customer interviews across 10 countries.

Don't take our word for it. Hear from happy customers.

Service Cloud has been amazing and saved our team four million mouse clicks in the first year. By helping us improve our back office, Salesforce has also allowed us to focus on proactive engagement and predicting what customers need next.
Natalie Screen
GM, Customer Success
Our partnership with Salesforce means the technology is less of the focus and we can concentrate more on the customer, more on our people, more on our product. That's really where the advantage is for us.
Rudi Khoury
EVP, Marketing And Digital Transformation
We experience more than 1,000 failed payments per month and more than 90% are handled automatically through Service Cloud. These kinds of efficiencies are one of the reasons we’re able to support 200,000 customers with just 16 full-time customer service employees.
Brad Hoyle
Operational Excellence Manager

Service Cloud customers are in good company.


Find the best solution at a price that works for you.



All-in-one sales and support app*
$ 35
(billed annually)


Complete service CRM for teams of any size
$ 105
(billed annually)


Customisable CRM for comprehensive service
$ 210
(billed annually)


Unlimited CRM power
$ 420
(billed annually)
* Essentials edition good for up to 10 users.
** This edition requires an annual contract. Monthly pricing available on Essentials edition.
This page is provided for information purposes only and subject to change. Contact a sales representative for detailed pricing information.


Introducing the Service Suite.

Scale service fast with one suite of best-in-class support solutions.
Learn from over 8,000 customer service professionals worldwide in our annual State of Service report.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Customer service software is a solution that is designed to digitise your contact centre. It will help your business manage customer queries, solve cases faster and connect customers to the right person at the right time. Service Cloud helps lower costs with one trusted platform by reducing complexity. It also helps improve customer service productivity with in-built tools such as our automation, Customer 360 and real-time data tools.
Service Cloud customer service software is designed to integrate seamlessly with your business. It will integrate with legacy data systems, offers pre-built integration apps, supports ticketing, routing and escalation, and queue management. When you purchase Service Cloud, your business should be able to start servicing customers with software that fits into their existing infrastructure within a few days.
If you're considering investing in a customer service platform you should learn more about the importance and value of customer service and CRM. Learn how you can solve your customer service problems with the help of Salesforce Service Cloud.
Service Cloud is designed to scale as your business grows. As you acquire more customers, the automation and easy-to-use features help increase productivity and drive further efficient growth as you wow customers with the ease you manage the extra demand. Service Cloud also lowers costs as you grow thanks to its one trusted platform united by a single shared view of your customer data for your whole business.

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