Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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Getting Started

Vaccine Cloud was built to play a central role in connecting vaccines to people equitably and efficiently. Vaccine Cloud will help health authorities, healthcare providers, and organisations more safely and efficiently manage vaccine programs at scale. With Vaccine Cloud, customers will be able to design, build, integrate, and manage their vaccine programs end-to-end, with a platform that is trusted, flexible, and can be deployed quickly. Vaccine Cloud provides solutions like Health Command Center, Vaccine Inventory Management, Vaccination Appointment Scheduling, Clinical Vaccine Administration, Vaccination Outcome Monitoring, Public Health Notifications, and Digital Health Credentials to help customers build and scale their vaccine administration management capabilities to address the next phase of this global pandemic. for Vaccines has now become Vaccine Cloud. for Vaccines was developed and launched to support public sector customers and their vaccination management needs. for Vaccines was critical in helping governments and public health agencies scale vaccine management and distribution as vaccines were waiting to be approved for use around the world.

As authorised COVID-19 vaccines have become available, there is shifting demand for vaccine management technology that can address all the needs of customers at scale, not just across public sector but also among healthcare providers, retail pharmacies, businesses, nonprofits, educational institutions, and other organisations. Vaccine Cloud is our solution to address these growing needs across industries and organisations.

Vaccine Cloud is a set of solutions aimed at addressing a variety of challenges that governments, healthcare providers and employers will face for vaccine administration.

Vaccine Cloud includes capabilities across the Salesforce Customer 360 portfolio including technology powered by Tableau and MuleSoft that can be leveraged by our AppExchange ecosystem of partners to support vaccine administration needs, including:

  • Inventory Management
  • Vaccination Site and Staffing
  • Vaccine Appointment Scheduling
  • Patient Consent
  • Clinical Vaccine Administration
  • Health Command Center Visibility
  • Vaccination Outcome Monitoring
  • Health Notifications
  • Clinician Training and Certification
  • Payment Processing
  • Digital Health Credentials
We have worked very closely with our partners to develop and deploy vaccine solutions for government and healthcare organisations around the world. Not only are these partners Salesforce experts, but also they are crucial in customising solutions based on individual customer needs. Global Strategic partners Accenture, Deloitte, IBM, and KPMG, in addition to implementation partners Coastal Cloud, Infosys, MTX, PolSource, Sense Corp, Slalom, Silverline, and Traction on Demand, are leveraging Vaccine Cloud to scale vaccine programs for customers globally.

Pricing and Editions

Pricing for Vaccine Cloud varies by solution and is dependent upon what combination of products you select. Talk to a sales representative to get a customised quote based on the specific Vaccine Administration solution your business needs.

Data Privacy and Security

Salesforce has implemented technical and administrative security measures to protect our services and our customers’ data. We strongly encourage customers to follow security best practices and use available tools to strengthen the security of their Salesforce instance. Security does not start and end with Salesforce — it is a trusted partnership with our customers. Salesforce offers our customers controllable features that permit them to configure the security settings of their respective instances as they deem appropriate for the sensitivity of their data. Customers can implement features such as field-level security, profiles and permission sets, two-factor authentication, and IP whitelisting. For more information on the application security features Salesforce provides, please refer to this help article on Protecting Your Salesforce Organisation.
Salesforce designs products with privacy in mind, so that our products not only comply with our own legal obligations, but also can be used by our customers while they comply with their own legal obligations. Compliance is always a shared partnership between Salesforce and its customers, meaning that while Salesforce commits to complying with its own obligations, customers are responsible for ensuring that their use of our products is appropriate for their own legal requirements. To help customers meet their compliance goals, we have created a number of dedicated resources for customers to learn more about their obligations, such as Salesforce’s privacy website, which includes FAQs on local and industry-specific privacy laws, and additional resources, such as Data Protection Impact Assessments, to help enable customer success.

Being a trusted advisor to our customers is a top priority for Salesforce. However, it remains the responsibility of each customer to get their own legal advice when implementing and using Salesforce products, including It is important for customers to take into account their own particular use cases to ensure compliance with local healthcare laws, certification requirements, and any other applicable laws or guidance.

COVID-19 vaccine management and distribution is a new and complex challenge. Salesforce is committed to building technology and services in partnership with top medical and public health experts that will help our society safely and securely return to work and everyday life.

For technology to be effective, it must be built responsibly—and no matter how good a tool is, people won’t use it unless it has their trust. So Salesforce uses the following three principles as a north star for our company, as well as customers and partners, to ensure the ethical, socially responsible, and equitable uses of our technology for vaccine management.

Compliance is always a shared responsibility between Salesforce and its customers. As with all Salesforce products, customers need to ensure that their intended use of our products meets their own legal requirements. For that reason, we encourage customers to get their own legal advice when implementing and using Salesforce products, including Vaccine Cloud, to ensure compliance with local healthcare laws, certification requirements, and any other applicable laws or guidance.