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From days to hours. Learn how has activated its data to onboard customers faster and deliver personalised experiences that keep them engaged. is a leading B2B payment and rewards platform. The platform allows business owners to earn points on payments where they traditionally wouldn’t. They can then redeem those points for flights, hotels, and bespoke experiences. 

In just over three years, has signed partnerships with major airlines brands including Qantas, Velocity, and Singapore Airlines and has more planned for 2024. It’s also processed more than $2 billion payments for 10,000 customers and ranked second in the 2023 Deloitte Tech Fast 50. has turned to Salesforce to efficiently scale and uncover new insights to deepen customer relationships. Data Cloud is key to its strategy and will empower teams with relevant insights to engage customers at every touchpoint.

"Data Cloud will help us gain a deeper understanding of our customers and use these insights to drive amazing automated experiences. It will also enhance the conversations our account managers have with customers one on one."
David Walsh
Head of Digital, CX and Marketing

1. Streamline onboarding and make it easy for customers to start earning points. runs on an ‘earn, burn, and yearn’ cycle. The more customers earn points and redeem rewards, the more they want to keep using the platform. To efficiently scale and speed up that cycle, needed to make it easy for customers to sign-up and make their first payments with minimal staff interaction. 

Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud have made that possible through a series of automated workflows and personalised marketing journeys. 

Customers sign-up via the website and are put on a specific journey based on their business and ownership structure. The journey orchestrates the onboarding process and prompts customers to provide the information required to verify their ID and complete compliance checks. 

“We reduced the time to verify customers from days to hours. This was a major win because no matter how many leads we have coming through, if we drop the ball on getting people up and running on the platform, they’ll lose interest and go somewhere else or not engage in this space altogether,” said Walsh. 

  • Reduced time to verify customers from days to hours while simultaneously increasing the volume of verifications by 10x

  • Same-day account verifications increased by 68%

2. Create a rewards experience that’s personalised to each customer. has been steadily building its partner ecosystem to provide customers with new ways to redeem points. The business also offers custom redemptions, so customers can use their points to secure nearly anything they want or need. 

“As we build the business, we are introducing new ways for customers to earn and burn points. Alongside that, we want to provide a rewards experience that’s personalised to each customer,” said Walsh. 

Data Cloud helps by providing with greater insights into customers’ behaviour and what they are likely to do next. For example, if a customer has recently redeemed points for a business class flight, they may then seek accommodation. Knowing this, can use Marketing Cloud to automatically trigger an email promoting relevant options.

"Up to this point, we’ve been segmenting customers based on aggregates like the sum of transactions over a certain period of time. Now we can get much more specific and dynamically deliver a more personalised experience."
David Walsh
Head of Digital, CX and Marketing

3. Optimise engagement and growth using data and AI.

Since deploying Salesforce, has increased the volume of payments on its platform by more than 5,000%. This is an amazing result for the team of 45 people, but there’s an even greater opportunity ahead with Salesforce helping the business integrate data and AI into the flow of work. 

“Soon, we’ll be able to use tools like propensity modelling to determine how likely customers are to take a particular action. This will help us optimise our messaging and reach out to customers at the right time to capture high-value payments,” said Walsh. also plans to use AI to test and optimise subject lines and timing of communications, ultimately increasing customer engagement and lifetime value. This is in line with’s data-driven approach to all aspects of its business. 

Walsh shared that Tableau has significantly reduced the time it takes for the business to question data and surface insights. Tableau has also made data more visible to everyone in the business. In fact, the first thing they see when they walk into the office is a large screen with a dashboard showing the week’s performance to date. 

“We live and breathe data at, and use Tableau as the bedrock of surfacing insights across the business. The democratisation of data and increased transparency leads to better decision-making at all levels of the business,” said Walsh.


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