Find out how marketers connect meaningful moments to brands.

The best marketers make life’s special moments part of the customer journey. These stories will help you expand the role of marketing and build long-term customer relationships.

Customer Moment

To give customers a truly personal customer journey, test fast and scale faster.

With visions and aspirations beyond health insurance, nib is revolutionising customer experience with a fast-moving, data-first approach. Learn how marketing automation is building high-value customer relationships and transforming the business into something new.
Moment Maker Profile

By testing ideas that resonate, nib delights customers with ever-deeper personalisation.

Having brought its data-driven marketing capabilities in-house, nib set itself on a course to success by accelerating the testing and measurement of campaigns and offerings. Along the way, the marketing automation department has made the entire organisation more agile and responsive.
Business Moment

Taking your operations global is an exciting time for any company.

Business owners never forget making their first international transaction. OFX knows how important it is for customers to feel their transfers are secure, so it personalised its marketing to connect with them during a volatile period. Learn how you can build trust during uncertainty.
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Making personal marketing scalable. OFX has streamlined its efforts to maximise its ROI.

Building brand love means addressing the different needs of your customers no matter where they are. Through marketing discipline, clever automation and a unique service model, OFX makes every customer feel valued.
Community moment

Marketing can do more than sell, it can connect people with something bigger.

A marketing message can let people know about upcoming events, but it can also reveal how being a customer helps others. Find out how Norths Collective ties membership to its brand vision and the work it's doing in the community.
Moment maker profile

You don’t have to be a tech giant to have cutting edge personalised marketing.

Leveraging data to build qualified leads and getting a single view of the customer isn’t just for big companies. Even as its locations were locked down during the pandemic, Norths Collective underwent a digital transformation that brought dynamic personalisation to its marketing.

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