The Customer Imperative in Financial Services Report

Permission to Personalise

Time to read: 10 minutes

Salesforce, in collaboration with Bain & Company, has taken the pulse of customer and employee experience to reveal how the retail banking and general insurance industries have performed during the pandemic and where customer expectations are heading.

New research from more than 5,000 Australian consumers and 200+ financial services employees, reveals insights on how banks and general insurers can continue to create great experiences.


The Customer Imperative in Financial Services Report

What drives a great banking and insurance experience in the new normal? Read the Customer Imperative in Financial Services report for all the findings.

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Banks and insurers found new ways to transform the challenges of this past year into opportunities to build trust and enhance the digital customer experience. Now the need for businesses to deliver seamless, personalised experiences across online channels has been accelerated.

Get the inaugural Customer Imperative in Financial Services Report to learn what customers want from their providers to build sustainable trust and improve customer experience.

Inside you’ll discover:

  • How customers are expecting more proactive engagement and personalisation 
  • Why you need to harness data to create personalised experiences
  • How a great digital experience is becoming a differentiator
  • Top tactics to engage with customers proactively and communicate benefits
  • New operating methods to remove roadblocks and empower employees

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