How Macquarie Bank took the hard work out of their complaint process

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Dealing with a regulated complaints process can be tricky, especially when you want to find the balance between handling the complaint quickly, effectively and with the customer at heart.


The complaints process in financial services is a heavily regulated and, at times, a complex one. Complaints come in all shapes and sizes, meaning the correct way to handle them can often be blurred. Many Salesforce customers look to  implement a system that would streamline the exercise, and make it as easy and transparent for customers and employees alike.

Establishing a 360-degree view of the customer – putting all interactions, feedback, data on marketing preferences, communication channels and more into the one system –  is just the first step in a journey to improve a customer’s experience.

Watch the video below on how Macquarie Bank uses Salesforce for effective complaints process management or read on for the highlights.


The Salesforce solution

By looking at the current processes and pain points, implementing Salesforce technology and looking at human-centred design may help everyone in the organisation realise that workflows can be automated. The end result is a significantly better user experience for customers and staff.

Tech and workflow coming together

While technology is certainly paving the way for a digital-first customer-centric approach, it’s not the only thing organisations need to focus on, especially when it comes to complaint management.

Using a human-centred design approach helps find gaps, with a very distinct goal of resolving complaints quickly to the satisfaction of the customers within the regulation framework.

How can you improve your complaints management process?

Learn more about workflow automation to help your bank:

  • Activate customer relationships with a unified view of every customer
  • Simplify the digital lending process
  • Create personalised customer experiences
  • Respond swiftly to solve customers’ issues

If that sounds like the kind of platform you need when choosing a CRM, watch the Financial Services Cloud demo today.


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