Developing SaaS apps

Today’s SaaS providers are creating new tools to support software-as-a-service development and operations.

These tools may help convert existing Web services or traditional applications into enterprise-grade SaaS applications. Or, they may make it easier to build and deploy new SaaS applications from scratch.

SaaS Options: Application or Platform?

SaaS solutions range from those offering specific functionality associated with particular applications such as CRM to the capabilities of a full-fledged SaaS platform.

If you’re looking for a business application, SaaS applications are easy to use, easy to manage, and easy to get up and running quickly. Running a lot of applications, building custom applications, and having them all work together seamlessly is the real value of platform as a service (or PaaS). PaaS lets you eliminate the tasks associated with installation, maintenance, and upgrades, so developers can focus on development and innovation without worrying about maintaining the infrastructure.

The Amazing Growth of SaaS Vendors

According to, a list of the top 60 fastest-growing public software companies in 2007 was dominated by companies switching from a proprietary license model to a subscription model. The old paradigm of install-and-maintain is rapidly being replaced by online subscription products.

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